Meet the Mermaids

ADEX 2016 is thrilled to have real-life mermaids performing at the event again! Visitors can see these mythical creatures come alive as they swim and perform in ADEX dive tank. They will also be at the ADEX pool where kids can meet and take photos with their favourite mermaids!


Here comes our Mermaids for ADEX 2016!

Dada Li (China)Dadali

There was a girl who got addicted to the feeling of freedom since her first free dive in the crystal blue ocean, which made her believe she was a mermaid in her previous life.

With this belief, she practiced almost every single day, making her own tail to realise the mermaid dream. Her name is Dada Li. She has been wandering within the blue, advancing to become an underwater model, as well as an AIDA international Freediving Instructor and Judge.

Dada Li will also be one of our ADEX 2016 speakers!


Joyce Ng (Hong Kong)


Joyce Ng started learning diving in 2011 in Phuket, Thailand. It was then that she got addicted to the sea and fell in love with underwater photography.

She currently lives in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia countries are her best choices to start her diving journey: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. She was attracted by the beauty of the tiny macro creatures, huge sea fans, fishes and sharks, which motivated her on getting great images of them. Every diving trip drives her to protect the ocean and she hopes that her photos will let non-divers see the beauty of the oceans, joining her in protecting them.

Underwater modeling expresses the beauty between humans and oceans, and Joyce Ng made the legend of the ocean come true by becoming a mermaid.

Joyce Ng will also be one of our ADEX 2016 speakers!


Hidy Yu (Hong Kong)

Hidy yu

Hidy started modelling at a young age of 18 and was the 2011 Miss Scuba International Ambassador.

She is a dive instructor qualified by NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) and also the Naui Worldwide Ambassador. Hidy has participated 3 action movies[Kick Ass Girls, 紅毛道士, Special Female Force (in production).  Her hobbies include Ultra Trail, Boxing, Running, Hiking, Yoga, Traveling, Eating, Movie, for sure DIVING!


Odessa Bugarin (Philippines)


Odessa Bugarin is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and is AIDA Level 3 certified. She is proud to be a mermaid and traces her water roots to her mother, who was a freediver as well. She is also a mermaid instructor and fundraises for rescued dolphins in Subic, Philippines.


Syrena (Singapore)


Syrena, Singapore’s First Mermaid, has been making waves as Singapore’s first ever professional mermaid, as well as the founder of the Singapore Mermaid School. She is forging a new mermaid movement in Asia: one that champions strength, beauty, and love as the core values of every siren of the seas.

The Singapore Mermaid School is the first of its kind! Blending mermaid theory and physicality, it immerses students in a holistic mermaid experience that’s the experience of a lifetime. Catch the mermaids of the Singapore Mermaid School in action as they splash their way to ADEX 2016!


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