ADEX, Asia’s largest dive show, has today announced that it will be releasing four special edition T-shirts for its upcoming show in Singapore (April 7–9, 2017). The unique designs, each representing the different values of the Underwater360 group, aim to encourage the public to promote the issues of climate change and marine life protection.

With the success of official ADEX T-shirt in previous years, the release of the design for the new show has become a novelty tradition enjoyed by regular visitors. So, with no fewer than four brand-new designs unveiled today, those who have participated in the lighthearted custom will no doubt be pleased.

Teaming up with SportCreates Pte Ltd., Singapore’s regional distributor of Premium Quality Honeycomb Cotton, the Underwater360 group are keeping to the quality standards of previous tees.

The highly-anticipated ADEX Singapore 2017, which is looking at attracting its biggest ever crowd in April, is presenting world-class speakers and exciting activities that change the way dive expos are perceived. Dedicating itself entirely to climate change, and the impact it is having, and will have, on our oceans, ADEX is confronting the biggest challenge facing humanity. And in 2017, for the first time in dive expo history, attendees can expect a whole new experience, where they will be able to enjoy everything related to not only diving, but also other water sports, such as surfing and kiteboarding.

UW360 VIP Monaco Blue Polo Tee
Dedicated to raising awareness for sharks, the UW360 VIP Polo Tee is an effective blend of awareness and simplicity. 100% Premium Quality Honeycomb Cotton, the Monaco Blue polo is perfect for post-dive relaxation
UW360 Ocean Week White Round-Neck T-Shirt
An attractive design set on quality material. Show your love for the ocean by wearing the Ocean Week Round-Neck tee.
UW360 Diveaholic Black Round-Neck T-Shirt
Love diving? Be a proud Diveaholic with the UW360 Diveaholic Round-Neck T-shirt. Featuring a unique diver design set on quality black cotton, it’s the perfect pre-dive attire.
UW360 Confronting Climate Change Blue Round-Neck T-Shirt
The oceans are warming, and many marine species are facing the threat of extinction. Wear this T-shirt proudly to show that you are willing to join the fight to combat climate change.
Special ADEX Deal (Worth SG$78)
For any one of the UW360 T-shirts, visitors can receive one free copy of the SD OCEAN PLANET Special Edition, Asian Diver Big Blue Book, and a three-day ticket to the show.
Pre-Order SG$38
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