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Live video streaming

From the ADEX Facebook page, you can gain exclusive access to behind the gates of the event via our live stream. We provide video coverage of the top happenings within ADEX; from the opening ceremony to the Voice of the Ocean competition. With live streaming, you’ll have all the best moments on your laptop, or mobile device. We’ll also be conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with speakers and VIPs, and giving you a lowdown on the whole event.

Constant updates

With constant text updates, including images from the event, you’ll be able to stay truly up-to-date. We’ll bring you a round up of each day – the highlights, the prizes, the fantastic underwater art – and provide a feast of diving experiences more exciting than being face to face with a great white, or smiled at by a frogfish.

Watch this space.

Click here for the ADEX Day 1 Report

ADEX Latest

Day 3

16:00 – What an end, the final prize to the final winner of the Lucky Draw. Huge celebration from the crowd. That’s it. ADEX China 2016 has finished.

15:00 – Get to the Main Stage now for the Lucky Draw. Your last chance to win incredible prizes.

14:00 – We’re here with the images from the show…

The final vote for "Best of Show"

The final vote for “Best of Show”

Aaron Wong and Michael Aw comparing their scores

Aaron Wong and Michael Aw comparing their scores

Yorko Summer addressing the crowd

Yorko Summer addressing the crowd

The judges analysing a shortlisted image

The judges analysing a shortlisted image

Footage of ADEX China is being streamed worldwide

Footage of ADEX China is being streamed worldwide

The judges analysing a shortlisted image

The judges analysing a shortlisted image

Alan Lo, moderator for the photo contest

Alan Lo, moderator for the photo contest

12:00 – The Underwater Photography Contest is taking place at the ADEX China main stage right now!

11:30 – The latest images from the show

Incredible books and magazines available at the Underwater360 booth right now.

Incredible books and magazines available at the Underwater360 booth right now.

Alan Lo at the Ocean Zone

Alan Lo at the Ocean Zone

Organiser, John Thet with Yorko Summer and Rachel Ng

Organiser, John Thet with Yorko Summer and Rachel Ng

11:10 – Images from the day so far…

Guests testing out some of the various dive gear at the show

Guests testing out some of the various dive gear at the show

PADI is celebrating its 50th Birthday at ADEX China this year

PADI is celebrating its 50th Birthday at ADEX China this year

Want to know the top products in the industry available now? Get to the Main Stage

Want to know the top products in the industry available now? Get to the Main Stage

10:55 – Michael Aw on the Main Stage

IMG_6986 (2)

10:35 – Amos Nachoum at the Ocean Zone presenting to a packed crowd

IMG_6975 (2)

10:00 –  It’s the start of the third and final day

Day 2

16:30 – The Lucky Draw gets underway, once again

The Lucky Draw

The Lucky Draw

14:00 – Plenty of discounts and deals on a range of products at ADEX

A range of underwater products are featured at ADEX

A range of underwater products are featured at ADEX

13:00 – It’s a full crowd at the main stage in anticipation for Todd Essick’s presentation


12:30 – Beginning at the Ocean Zone, Aaron Wong is discussing the art of light, and understanding underwat
er lighting.

12:00 – It still amazes us how many incredible dive sites are being discovered in the world’s most unlikely of places. Sandy You presents the hidden far East, Kahmchahtkuh underwater on land.

11:30 – Jessea Lu has just come off the stage. The record-breaking freediver, gave an incredible presentation on why she freedives.

11:00 – Yoshi Hirata performs in front of a full crowd at the Ocean Zone, explaining how to shoot underwater without strobes.

10:40 – Get to the Main Stage to catch Louise Chau presenting the fun side of the closed circuit re-breather system.

10:20 – It’s a chance to learn about shooting tiny creatures up close with Yuping Chen’s talk at the Ocean Zone happening from now until 10:45

10:00 – And the second day is underway. The Main Stage is kicking off with Josie Yang about LAMAVE, and their efforts to conserve marine life. Jonathan Lin is at the Ocean Zone, presenting on the incredible species that you can find when diving in Manado or Lembeh.

Day 1

17:00 – That’s it. Day One has come to a close. After an exciting Lucky draw which saw many winners and fantastic prizes, we have finished for Friday.

Images from the show so far:

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16:15 – Coming up in 15 minutes, the LUCKY DRAW. With tons of great prizes to be won, this is promising to be one of the highlights of the day.

16:10 – Hidy Yu and Gary Sun are now on the Main Stage giving an insight into their ocean conservation efforts

16:00 – We hope you’re enjoying the show. Tonight we will bring you the full first day coverage, all the pictures and videos that made it such a colourful opening day!

15:40 – Coming up with have Mermaid of the Sea, with Hidy Yu and Gary Sun

15:00 – Y.Zin Kim and the Hae-Nyeo Divers light up the Main Stage just after the Opening Ceremony

14:00 – Opening Ceremony: Jump over to the ADEX Facebook page to see live coverage of the ceremony.

13:55 – We’re offering incredible merchandise and books at the UW360 Booth, there’s still time to swoop by and grab a good deal before the Opening Ceremony.

13:50 – It’s ten minutes until the start of the Opening Ceremony, and we’re getting ready to bring you full LIVE coverage of the entire event!

13:35 – Celebrity Joyce Tang arrives at the show!


13:30 – Aaron Wong takes the main stage, presenting the story behind his underwater fashion book, Watercolours

13:10 – Dada Li in front of a huge crowd on Main Stage, explaining her freediving journey.



13:00 – Hidy Yu on the main stage, on how diving has changed her life! In ADEX Singapore we interviewed Hidy on her fascinating career and love for the ocean.

12:40 – Alan Lo at Ocean Zone, once again a near-full crowd. Alan was our Underwater Photographer of the Week!

12:20 – Two familiar faces. Underwater Model Dada Li and underwater photographer Aaron Wong are currently at the UW360 booth.


12:10 – Our booth is buzzing! Showcasing the top diving manuals and underwater photography books (in the world!). Those in Beijing who are not at the show… you’re missing out on top deals!


12:00 – Coming up next on the Main Stage, Paul Montgomery discussing the various courses out there for divers to improve their skills!

11:30 – Tim Ho speaking to a full crowd at the Ocean Zone





ADEX Speakers

Introducing the star-studded line up of speakers and special guests making their way to Beijing this year for the show:


Joyce Tang is a Hong Kong actress and PADI Rescue Diver. She played one of the main roles in the movie “Armed Reaction” and her hard work and acting skills made her recognized in the Chinese media industry. She also acted in many other television series including “Dragon”, “Step Into the Past”, “Wars of In-Laws II” and “Who Loved Women”.



Lee is a South Korean actress and entrepreneur. She won the top prize in the Super Elite Model Best Talent Awards in 1998, and made her entertainment debut in 2003 as a member of the Kpop girl group THE S (더에스). Afterwards, Lee ventured into acting, appearing in successful television dramas, and also playing a lead role in the stage musical The Golden Days in 2011. After learning scuba diving in Saipan in 2010, she fell in love with the ocean and has since shown her affection towards its beauty. Lee regularly sponsors children through Compassion International, an organization founded in 1952 to help children orphaned by war in South Korea.



Ambassador of Photography
Aaron Wong is one of the most published and recognised underwater photographers in Asia. With over a decade of field experience, Aaron’s images and his trademark lighting technique have won him international acclaim. He is also the official ADEX Ambassador of Photography.

Alan Lo is a commercial photographer based in Hong Kong and a scuba diving aficionado. He expresses his passion for the underwater world through his multifaceted approach to photography, which is grounded in his innovative and artistic interpretation of life, people and Nature. Alan’s work has evolve
d and progressed significantly over the last 20 years, from his early creative print work and exhibitions, through a range of architectural commissions, commercial projects and personal photographic explorations.

Amos is a master of photographing big animals worldwide. He free dives with blue whales, scuba dives in the Okavango delta with crocodiles and goes face to face with the Great white shark and Polar bear. For 35 years, he has explored every body of water from the North Pole to Antarctica. Amos’s photographic vision is to raise awareness of ocean giants in their habitats. His images reflect respect and compassion for animals and wilderness. His photographs strive to dispel the myth of “dangerous” wildlife and show harmonious interactions between man and animal. Also, Amos is an explorer. He leads wildlife photography expeditions with his company

Andrew Marriott is a longtime diver, photographer and writer. Originally from the USA, he found the ocean while working in the world of financial derivatives. After a move to Guam, Andrew became fully focused on the ocean, helping many new divers fall in love with the water while working as an instructor and enthusiastic underwater photographer. Andrew has garnered numerous awards and first place finishes at major competitions for both his photography and art both above and below the waves. His writing and photos have appeared in major magazines across the world.

Gary Sun is a long time diver who has been taking underwater photography for many years, whose works has won many awards and published in numerous magazines and newspapers. He is the Director of Guangdong Photographers Association Underwater Photography Committee and the Standing Director of Guangdong River Ocean Ecological Environment Protection. He is also China’s first RAID closed circulatory and respiratory systems instructor trainer officer, as well as a NAUI Diving Instructor.

Imran Ahmad Bin Rayat Ahmad, Nikon Professional Photographer and Ocean Artist Society Member, has been named “Top Asian Underwater Photographer in the World” by Dietmar Fuchs, Chief Editor for Blancpain – Editions Fifty Fathoms. Imran’s works have been exhibited around the world. He is part of the judging team for various underwater and travel photography competitions as well as Nikon’s “Big Shot” Competition. He is also a celebrity judge at the “Celebrate the Sea” underwater photo competition, along with National Geographic’s Emory Kristoff.

Jim Chen loves extreme sports and underwater photography combines both adventure and art creation perfectly. In 2007, he was certified as an open water diver and in 2008, his underwater photography journey began. Jim hopes to capture all the transient beautiful moments during his underwater photography sessions, and the moving pictures interweaved by the submarine world and the benthos is what drives him to continue photographing. His works are published on various magazines and newspapers and has won over 20 awards. He also received exclusive interviews from British Daily Mail, Apple Daily, TVBS and other media.

Lynn Wu found a passion for the underwater world during a trip to Palau in 2006, it was love at first sight for her. She was so fascinated by the “blue world” that it became part of her life to discover the ocean with her cameras. She likes taking macro objects and her works have been published in various magazines and newspapers, she also won several awards including the Deepblu ADEX Voice of the Ocean 2016. She hopes to share her works with people who love the oceans and continue improving herself by capturing more beautiful pictures.

Michael Aw is an author, explorer and conservation photographer. His accolades include winning more than 63 international photographic awards including being named as one of the world’s most influential Nature photographers by Outdoor Photography, and in 2013 he was the first Asian to be awarded a NOGI by the American Academy of Underwater Arts and Science. In 2012, Michael’s Indonesia’s Global Treasures won the Palme d’Or International Prize for Best Book of the Year at the World Underwater Pictures Festival (Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine).

Molly began her underwater photography journey in 2005 and her works has since been featured in various magazines and media. She set up King Dive Club and “Blue Corner” in 2015. She is now the spokesperson for “Photography Journal”, Xinhua News Agency, Sony a club and Canon and a Leica photographer.

Sandy You, who is also known as 3DU or 三弟 in Mainland China diving community, is the founder of a dive club called 57diving. She is an underwater photographer who also runs Seacam/Gates housing distribution business in China, developing for the new high end market. 

Scott “Gutsy” Tuason began his romance with the sea when he was still legally too young to dive, but this did not prevent him from going with his father on diving trips around the country. Over the years, his work has been published in numerous books and magazines. Gutsy’s photographs have been exhibited at several shows sponsored by WWF and he continues to be a WWF contributing photographer. Gutsy is also a director of Concerned Divers of the Philippines, an environmental group engaged in marine conservation awareness and environmental rehabilitation projects. 

Ambassador for Compact Cameras

Tim Ho left the city in 2009 to become a full-time dive instructor, but today he sees himself as just a “full-time diver”. When he’s not teaching dive courses, he works as a videographer on a liveaboard as well as contributes photos and articles to various magazines. He also organises specialised “dive and shoot” trips for people who want to do two-hour-long dives with the best guides and spotters available. Over the years, Tim’s adventures have seen him based across Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, but he is currently spending his time in the Philippines.

Todd is an award-winning underwater fine art photographer and photojournalist. In Germany, he appeared on several television programmes, including Germany’s Next Top Model with Heidi Klum. Named one of the top 10 underwater photographers in the world in 2005, Todd’s innovative photographs are often mistaken as montages – created using Photoshop or a computer – when they are not. With a diving career spanning over 30 years, Todd has travelled the world for inspiration to create his photographs. He enjoys showing his passion for the sea through his photography/adventure dive safaris and sharing his stories in presentations and magazines.

William Tan has been fascinated with the creatures of the sea since his childhood. While studying at Johns Hopkins University in the USA, much of his spare time was spent gazing at the marine collection of the National Aquarium in Baltimore. William travels extensively throughout the Pacific region judging underwater photo competitions, and photographing marine life for tourism organisations, scientific research groups, dive magazines, camera manufacturers, and resorts.

Yorko Summer is a Taiwanese certified dive instructor and travel journalist who has visited many countries and exotic islands. Being an underwater photographer, he loves to spend time taking photographs from the unique and amazing underwater world, as well as the vast culture around the world. He has lived in the exotic island of Palau for six years, where he fell in love with the mysterious, yet elegant, oceanic world and its inhabitants.

A marine biologist and accomplished underwater photographer, Yoshi Hirata began his passion for diving when he was researching the rich marine resources of Sipadan and Mabul back in 1993 as a marine consultant. During the course of his work, he expressed his love for the sea by featuring thousands of amazing photos of Mabul in various magazine titles such as Oraga Umi.

Yuping Chen had her first encounter with diving in 2009. She was instantly attracted by the magnificent and colorful underwater world, which marked the start of her diving career, changing her life from then on. In the subsequent two to three years, she left imprints of herself with cylinder tanks in the waters of Asia, America, and Europe.

Y.Zin Kim is the first National Geographic underwater photographer in Korea, and the very first female sidemount cave diver in Asia. She is introducing high-quality underwater photography techniques and underwater modelling education in her home country. Y.Zin has also worked on posters and commercials for movies, soap operas and magazines.

Zhou Qinan is a video culture media founder, senior director and an underwater videographer. His works covers many documentaries, videos, microfilms and advertisements. Being an expert in image narration, he emphasizes strongly on content, rhythm and music, thus making his works are affluent and powerful. For eight years, the Scorpio director’s “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and perfectionist personality have reflected most vividly in his lens insights. Most of his works creates a connection with people, using “love” as his directing style in filmography.



Ambassador of Freediving 2016 – 2017

There was a girl who got addicted to the feeling of freedom since her first free dive in the crystal blue ocean, which made her believe she was a mermaid in her previous life. With this belief, she practiced almost every single day, making her own tail to realise the mermaid dream. Her name is Dada Li. She has been wandering within the blue, advancing to become an underwater model, as well as an AIDA international Freediving Instructor and Judge.

Ambassador for Mermaids 2016 – 2017

Hidy started modeling at a young age of 18 and was the 2011 Miss Scuba International Ambassador. She is a dive instructor qualified by NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) and also the Naui Worldwide Ambassador. Hidy has participated 3 action movies[Kick Ass Girls, 紅毛道士, Special Female Force (in production). Her hobbies include Ultra Trail, Boxing, Running, Hiking, Yoga, Traveling, Eating, Movie, for sure DIVING!

PFI instructor, Jessea, holds 6 National Freediving Records, including Static Apnea (6:28) and Free Immersion (63 meters / 206 feet). She obtained a PhD. degree in Medicine in 2011 and moved to Hawaii to embrace her relationship with the sea. She became a PFI instructor in 2014.
Jessea has published a number of peer-reviewed, original research articles on human biology. She brings her biomedical expertise in discussing the physiological and psychological effects of freediving. She teaches students how to overcome mental and physical barriers in freediving in order to dive longer, deeper and safer.

Joyce Ng started learning diving in 2011 in Phuket, Thailand. It was then that she got addicted to the sea and fell in love with underwater photography. She was attracted by the beauty of the tiny macro creatures, huge sea fans, fishes and sharks, which motivated her on getting great images of them. Every diving trip drives her to protect the ocean and she hopes that her photos will let non-divers see the beauty of the oceans, joining her in protecting them.
Underwater modeling expresses the beauty between humans and oceans, and Joyce Ng made the legend of the ocean come true by becoming a mermaid.

Pepe Arcos is a passionate Ocean Explorer. He came from a long way of being a competitive Freediver athlete and achieving several records to running a Freediving school and nowadays, to become a devoted underwater photographer and Filmmaker with the mission of inspiring the world, by capturing the wonders of the most loving place in the world for him, under the oceans…

Potti Lau took 6 days to dive down to 38m on his first free dive. He fell in love with freediving from then on and went fur
ther to do competitive freediving, breaking the National China’s freediving record 8 times. He also does underwater photo and video production and has over 30 million fans on the Meipai Short Movie app.

Wang Ao Lin is a freediving athlete. In 2015, he founded “Jie Ta Freediving School”. The school is known for its first-rate AIDA freediving training and now has a team of 15 outstanding freedivers and instructors. Ao Lin is also the president of China’s AIDA International Freediving Association. He represented his country in the AIDA Individual Apnea Depth World Championship in the same year and set National records in 3 different categories. In 2016, he become the first China freediving athlete to enter the Vertical Blue Freedive Challange at Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas.


Alan is the founder of AQUATICITY freediving/mermaid academy and key Distributor of high end Freediving equipments in HK & China, caring brand Pathos, Carbonio GFT, Cetma, Blacktech, Majestic, Oceaner, polo sub, merman, etc.. In 2008, he went for a volunteer project in Costa Rica building schools for the local villages, which widen his horizon and initiated his idea to develop his own diving school –  AQUATICITY. In 2012, Alan became an advanced instructor of CMAS and started his scuba instructor trainer journey. In 2015, he became an AIDA Freediving instructor.

Tony Canario graduated from technical Odonto and joined an aeronautical company, acquiring knowledge, experience and the most sophisticated techniques in composite materials. He was a freediver but unfortunately, due to health problems, he had to give up this sport. His passion remained and he hopes to link the world of composites to his passion for the sea at CarbonioGFT.


John Fang is a doctoral candidate, majoring in Leisure Industry Research and Business Administration. He is currently the regional manager of Taiwan for TDI / SDI / ERDI, and also skilled in SCR and CCR, advanced mixed-gas and a cave diving instructor. In Taiwan, he is the Government Public Safety Diving instructor, responsible for training firefighters in underwater rescue operations in Taiwan.

Thomas Dederichs is the President of OMS – Ocean Management Systems, and the CEO and Founder of BtS EUROPA AG. He has been diving for more than 35 years and has clocked more than 2000 dives.  He has over 10 years of experience as a TDI Inspiration Instructor and TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer. He is also qualified as a GUE Fundamentals Instructor, GUE Cave II diver as well as PADI OWSI. Furthermore, Thomas led a Dive & Travel adventure team to explore wrecks in the Irish Sea.


Scuba diving brought a new direction to Jaki Teo’s life as she bid farewell to big city and moved to the islands to educate divers first hand. After volunteering for Sea Shepherd in Australia, Singapore and Japan, she now lives in the Philippines and is Sea Shepherd Asia’s China Liaison.

As the Operations Manager at Reef-World, James has led the development of Green Fins across 7 Asian countries since 2008. As a marine biologist with over 10 years’ experience working in tropical marine environments, James has worked closely with national governments, dive professionals and international environmental agencies in order to develop Green Fins into a system that is meaningful to all stakeholders.

Josie was born in Beijing and she is a PADI dive master and AIDA freediver. Since 2012, she has been volunteering for the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines. She is part of a whale shark and turtle conservation project in the Philippines, studying the effect of tourism on these incredible creatures.

Wang Yamin is a professor of the Ocean Academy at Shandong University (Weihai) and the deputy secretary-general at the China Fisheries Branch of Agricultural Ecological Environment Protection Association. He is also the aquatic wildlife branch director of the China Wildlife Conservation Association. 


John Lippmann is the Founder, Chairman and Director of Training of the Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific (DAN Asia-Pacific), which he founded in 1994 in an effort to improve the safety of scuba diving within the Asia-Pacific. John has been involved in researching, teaching, writing and consulting on safe diving, decompression and accident management for more than 30 years.

Louise Chau is a SDI/TDI Instructor Coach and TDI Circuit Rebreather System Instructor. She obtained her instructor license in 2003 and has 100m CCR experience.


Hailing from Maine, Paul started diving recreationally, becoming an instructor as well as owning and operating a retail dive center. Paul is responsible for 24 global regional offices over 100 countries and territories as well as new business development.

Wilfried Dickes is the Owner and president of Diving Instructor World Association (DIWA). He became fascinated by the idea of breathing underwater and started diving at the tender age of seven. Today, he owns several dive centers around the world and has more than 30,503 dives, he hopes to get Dive Nr. 31,000 in his Log Book.*

*Subject to change