The Fourth ADEX China 2016 Underwater Photo Contest brought the artistic beauty, and uniqueness of the underwater world to the Beijing Exhibition Centre. Following the success of the ADEX “Live Judging” series, which allows photographers that have submitted their images into the competition to have them analysed by an expert panel at the show, the competition on the Main Stage attracted a huge crowd to witness incredible photography and to hear the judges’ opinions. This year’s judging lineup was moderated by Hong Kong based photographer Alan Lo, and included Michael Aw (Australia), Aaron Wong (Singapore), Yorko Summer (Taiwan), Zhou Qinan (China), Amos Nachoum (Israel) and Gary Sun (China).

The judges panel pre-competition

The judges panel pre-competition

The Judges


alanlowebAlan Lo is a commercial photographer based in Hong Kong. He expresses his passion for the underwater world through his multifaceted approach to photography, which is grounded in his innovative and artistic interpretation of life, people and Nature. Alan’s work has evolved and progressed significantly over the last 20 years, from his early creative print work and exhibitions, through a range of architectural commissions, commercial projects and personal photographic explorations. 



aaron-wong-v2Ambassador of Photography
Aaron Wong is one of the most published and recognised underwater photographers in Asia. With over a decade of field experience, Aaron’s images and his trademark lighting technique have won him international acclaim. He is also the official ADEX Ambassador of Photography.


amosnachoumAmos is a master of photographing big animals worldwide. For 35 years, he has explored every body of water from the North Pole to Antarctica. Amos’s photographic vision is to raise awareness of ocean giants in their habitats. His images reflect respect and compassion for animals and wilderness and strive to dispel the myth of “dangerous” wildlife and show harmonious interactions between man and animal.


garysunGary Sun is a long time diver who has been taking underwater photography for many years, whose works has won many awards and published in numerous magazines and newspapers. He is the Director of Guangdong Photographers Association Underwater Photography Committee and the Standing Director of Guangdong River Ocean Ecological Environment Protection. He is also China’s first RAID closed circulatory and respiratory systems instructor trainer officer, as well as a NAUI Diving Instructor.


michaelawMichael Aw is an author, explorer and conservation photographer. His accolades include winning more than 63 international photographic awards including being named as one of the world’s most influential Nature photographers by Outdoor Photography, and in 2013 he was the first Asian to be awarded a NOGI by the American Academy of Underwater Arts and Science.


yorkosummerYorko Summer is a Taiwanese certified dive instructor and travel journalist who has visited many countries and exotic islands. Being an underwater photographer, he loves to spend time taking photographs from the unique and amazing underwater world, as well as the vast culture around the world. He has lived in the exotic island of Palau for six years, where he fell in love with the mysterious, yet elegant, oceanic world and its inhabitants.


zhou-qinanZhou Qinan is a video culture media founder, senior director and an underwater videographer. Being an expert in image narration, he emphasises strongly on content, rhythm and music, thus his works are affluent and powerful. For eight years, the Scorpio director’s “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and perfectionist personality have reflected most vividly in his lens insights. Most of his works create a connection with people, using “love” as his directing style in filmography.



The judges reveal their scoring

The judges reveal their scoring

The crowd vote for who they believe should win the "Best of Show"

The crowd vote for who they believe should win the “Best of Show”

The judges analysing a shortlisted image

The judges deep in thought

The judges analysing a shortlisted image

The judges analysing a shortlisted image

Judges had to vote in five different categories and finally for the Best of Show, scoring images in: Wide Angle; Macro; Animal Behaviour/Environment; Commercial, Conceptual and Fashion; and Compact Camera categories. Even though the pressing restrictions of the Chinese internet posed a problem to broadcasting the show out to our dedicated Facebook followers, this was eventually averted and viewers could enjoy the action live over Social Media. Allowing them to express their opinions – digitally – for the underwater photograph that they were rooting for. With a list of incredible prizes won for these “A-game” images, we bring you the submissions of our winners and finalists:

Best of Show: Winner – Vania KamBestofShow - Vania Kam

Best of Show: Excellence Award – Men Tu 门图

CommercialFashionWinner - 门图

Wide Angle

Winner – Yue Hongjun 岳鸿军

WideAngleWinner - 岳鸿军


2nd Place - Yue Hongjun

2nd Place – Yue Hongjun 岳鸿军

3rd Place - Sòng Gāng

3rd Place – Song Gang 宋刚

Macro Photography

Winner – Wu Yung Sen 吳永森

MacroAngleWinner - 吳永森


2nd Place - Wu Yung Sen

2nd Place – Wu Yung Sen 吳永森

3rd Place - Lilian Koh

3rd Place – Lilian Koh

Compact Camera

Winner – Abimael Marquez

CompactCameraWinner - Abimael Marquez


2nd Place - Dragos Dumitrescu

2nd Place – Dragos Dumitrescu

3rd Place - Katherine Lu

3rd Place – Katherine Lu

Animal Behaviour/Environment

Winner – Yatwaiso



2nd Place - Marco Gargiulo

2nd Place – Marco Gargiulo

3rd Place - Marco Gargiulo

3rd Place – Marco Gargiulo

Commercial, Conceptual and Fashion

Winner – Men Tu 门图

CommercialFashionWinner - 门图


2nd Place - Mén Tú

2nd Place – Men Tu 门图

3rd Place - Lǐ Dà Xiǎng

3rd Place – Li Da Xiang 李大想

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who took part! Read about the highlights of the show, HERE.


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