Fourth Element, specialists in performance garments for scuba divers, introduces OceanPositive – a brand new line of swimwear and rashguards crafted from recycled nylon from fishing nets.

Left behind by fishermen, the nets (also known as ‘ghost nets’) pose a threat to marine life as these creatures often times get entangled in them by accident before eventually drowning. The netting also destroys corals and reefs as they move with the ever-changing currents. On top of that, they are slow to degrade.

Now, Fourth Element is turning the ghost nets into a good thing by reusing them and spinning them into nylon yarn to create ‘green’ swimwear for both male and female scuba divers.


OceanPositive’s Cayman Swim Shorts for men

“The OceanPositive range is a statement of what we feel is our responsibility to protect the environment which we love, and we believe we should protect.” says Fourth Element’s co-founder, Jim Standing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fourth Element range if it wasn’t practical and stylish at the same. The bikinis, swimswuits, trunks, and shorts are all designed to provide utmost comfort when worn under a wetsuit (this is especially important for the ladies). Some bikini styles feature a single tie, while others are clasp-free. Minimalist, flattering, comfortable – just the way it should be.

For more info, visit OceanPositive’s official website.