Underwater360 is about to look very different. From a new look website, to exciting festivals that will offer our followers more than ever before. The diving group has got some incredible announcements to make, and here are five of them to look out for:

Launch of OCEAN WEEK and Ocean Festivals 2017

Asia’s largest dive expo, the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX), has announced plans to dedicate a week entirely to the ocean in 2017. Ocean Week Singapore is celebrating the world below the waves, and with this, aiming to combat climate change and kickstart a revolution within the dive industry.

Taking place from April 1 to April 9 in 2017, the inaugural celebration will feature a plethora of events, activities, exhibitions and workshops which will showcase the fragile world under the sea and how humanity has impacted these ecosystems.

Organised by the dive media group, underwater360 and in collaboration with the I Say No to Plastic campaign by Asian Geographic, the focus of Ocean Week is to combat climate change. The week is organised with the hope of raising awareness of the ocean and the extreme threats that it currently faces.

Through various mediums such as film, photography, books and circulations as well as various events organised by underwater360 and partners, the week aims to inform, educate and advocate change in daily human behaviour to reduce human impacts on the ocean.

The festival will cover various art styles; film, literary, visual and auditory as well as an insight given by the artists on the background and inspiration behind their works. The week will cumulate at ADEX Singapore 2017 with the theme of climate change being brought out through the various exhibits and stage programs displayed and presented during the weekend.

New-look Website this Friday

The underwater360 website is currently undergoing a revamp to make it more accessible for our committed readers. From incredible videos and images, to much-loved content that will be clearer, more interactive and easily accessible. Through our new underwater photography gallery, readers will be able to filter searches to take a look at their preferred shots, and find out more about the image itself. You’ll also be able to preview our upcoming print issues, as well as purchase them online. With a range of interactive media at your disposal, we’re going that one-step further to supply you with the best information.

Online Booking Platform

Avoid any hiccups on your next dive holiday by booking ahead online – coming soon to the ever-growing UW360 platform! Strategic partner in Australasia, Divebooker.com, is collaborating with Underwater360 to bring our readers the top offers and best advice on booking their trips.

We’re going to make it a breeze to browse and compare diving opportunities all over the world, and we’ll help you plan and instantly book the perfect diving vacation. So if you’re taken with a destination that we’ve featured, such as our UW360 trip report on diving Komodo National Park, and you fancy heading there yourself, you can easily check out the deals and offers from each operator in the area, in this case, Komodo Island, on Divebooker.com, to find you the best bang for your buck.


Coming January 2017 the annual SD OCEAN PLANET showcases some of the best in underwater photography, from some of the most exciting underwater shooters in the industry. This year’s edition “Around the World in 80 Shots” presents iconic dive destinations from around the world, and includes the secrets behind the shots as well as insights into the gear that the professionals use. Showing off the world’s hottest dive destinations, with some of the most inspirational underwater photographs ever, SD OCEAN PLANET is a must-have for dive travellers and aspiring photographers alike.

UW360 TV

Coming to the UW360 platform: UW360 TV is the new multimedia stage which shows off the best work from our contributors and team. Through incredible imagery, both above and below the waves, you’ve never seen the underwater world quite like this. We give our readers an insight into some of the best experiences out there in the deep blue – watch this space for incoming media that will change the way you view the ocean.