Why go diving? Well, that’s a HUGE question, normally answered by every dive addict with something along the lines of “Why not?”, or “How long have you got…?”.

Here at Underwater360 we are all true blue dive junkies and so, for 2016, we decided to put together 61 of the hundreds of reasons why diving is a great thing to be doing. “61 Reasons to Dive in 2016” is a bumper feature that, one by one, breaks down why exploring the watery world is so freakin’ fantastic. From the feeling of flying, to the fact that diving helps save life in the oceans, you can take your pick of ways to answer that most fundamental question. It’s also a great feature to help get you psyched up to make 2016 the year you go out and have the most fun possible under the waves.

You need two things to make that happen – decent gear and a decent place to dive. Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA doesn’t mess about with its first issue of the year, bringing everything right back to basics and putting all the information you need right at your fingertips.

A mammoth spread of the latest and greatest kit to get on your wish list (or list of essential purchases, if you prefer!) immerses you in the world of dive gear as no other magazine can or does. There is something about new dive equipment that stirs the soul of every diveaholic, and the Buyer’s Guide will not disappoint, full of all the gear and gadgets that you need to fix your kit cravings.

But this issue is so much more: a veritable catalog of diving dreams. It contains the details of more than 80 operators plying the teeming seas of Asia Pacific, companies that can get you face to face with your bucket list critters, guides that will drop you into currents bursting with mantas, and instructors that will help you take your skills to the next level.

Its here, and it’s not to be missed. For everything you need for diving in 2016, get hold of SDAA’s Diveaholic Buyer’s Guide, and don’t suffer from scuba withdrawal for another moment.