They say no man is an island, but we’ll bet most of us (men and women!) dream about running away to one! When you go to your happy place, is it a palm-laced beach disappearing into a cool expanse of ocean? Ours is!

Time to find the real-life version of your day-dream destination, and Scuba Diver AUSTRALSASIA has some of the best options at your fingertips.

But it’s also crammed with so much more from the underwater world to entice your inner diver…


Ask the Experts

You know all those seemingly stupid questions you’ve always had running through your head but were too afraid to ask? Well fret no more, we are tackling them for you.

Ever wondered exactly how salty the ocean really is? Well… the answer might surprise you!

This might seem like a spoiler, but it really isn’t… Did you know that the oceans are so vast, and contain so much salt that it has been estimated that if all of it could be removed it would cover every piece of land on earth with a layer as deep as a 40-storey building?


First TimersFish

If you’ve never tried drift diving, this is the issue issue for you. Discover that the fish hold the keys to your comfort, why your buoyancy matters even more when you’re whizzing over a reef flat, and how drift diving is as close to becoming Superman as you’re ever likely to get…


Get your dose of covet-worthy kit with the latest and technology that will get you underwater!

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