With no exception from the previous shows, ADEX presents the Voice of the Ocean Photo/Video/Art Competition once again, which celebrates visual representations of the ocean and its many creatures. We are seeking for the best works by all the creative participants. There are attractive prizes to be won and we are honoured to have a celebrated panel of distinguished photographers for 2016. They include: Alex Mustard, Eunjae Im, Iyad Suleyman, Lynn Funkhouser, Matthew Smith, Pasquale Vassallo and Tim Ho! The live judging will be held at ADEX on April 17 2016, 3pm at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore, be sure not to miss it!

With the overwhelming response for Voice of the Ocean 2015, Voice of the Ocean 2016 opens up 3 new categories in addition to the current 3:

  1. ADEX Artwork of the Year (Seahorses)
  2. ADEX Photo of the Year
  3. ADEX Video of the Year
  4. Macro Photo of the Year (Seahorses) *NEW!
  5. Compact Camera Photo of the Year *NEW!
  6. Underwater Fashion Photo of the Year *NEW!

The winners of the Deepblu ADEX Voice of the Ocean Photo/Video of the Year will be invited to present their work at ADEX 2017. There are over US$30,000 worth of prizes to be won!

For more information on the prizes and submissions, please click here.

Deadline for submissions: February 29, 2016




Underwater360 (aka UW360) is a platform offering everything the scuba aficionado wants and needs to know. The portal brings together several sources of renowned content loved by magazine and website readers alike. It is enriched with blogs, multimedia and access to all mobile & iPad platforms.

It is also a partnership between the dive-industry giants of the Asia-Pacific region: Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA, Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET, Asian Diver and ADEX. Combined, these champions of the sea bring over 70 years of scuba diving experience to the table.


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Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET covers destinations around the world, responding to the needs of today’s divers. Tailored content provides readers with exciting insights into incredible destinations, with gear, gadgets and activities for time spent both above and below the waves. Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET is published in collaboration with to include ‘Through the Lens’ – an entire section dedicated to underwater photography and videography.

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Deepblu was created by a team of professional divers and diving enthusiasts with professional backgrounds spanning across various technology sectors. Sympathizing with current day problems with manually generating dive logs and lack of a good way to integrate media taken during dive sessions into the logs, we wanted to create a product that will change all of this.

Deepblu’s Triton is a multi-purpose diving companion that works with the Deepblu App, making dive log creation as quick and painless as a tap of a button. The DiveLink wifi SD card accessory seamlessly integrates photos and videos from your dive sessions directly into your digital dive logs, making them ready to be shared with your friends within moments.

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Introducing a new style of cruising through the Philippine Islands, the Discovery Fleet offers full diving and non-diving programs.  Avid divers can expect a full day of scuba diving the spectacular coral reefs, wrecks and marine life of this sun-kissed archipelago while their non-diving companions have a full day or snorkeling, island visits, kayaking and beach hopping.

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Nauticam International Ltd. is the company that offers the widest array of underwater housings worldwide. At almost every camera release by the big brands Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic the first underwater housing will be presented by Nauticam. This speed does not forgo the innovation that goes into every housing. Every camera has its special features, Nauticam does its best to make these available for the underwater photographer. By far an large the widest accessories offering in the camera housing world practically every user case is made possible. 

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“The combination of elegance, innovation and precision, present a new dimension in the symbiosis of state-of-the-art underwater housings and digital single lens reflex cameras. Electronic and mechanic perfection of the highest level is perfectly combined with timeless, modern and ergonomic shapes. SEACAM can therefore fulfill the wishes of dedicated hobby photographers as well as those of discerning professional photographers and guarantee superior technology and highest long term value.”

– Harald Hordosch

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