Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) has the long-standing pride of being the longest and biggest dive expo in Asia celebrating its 21st year in 2016, it attracted a total of 41,053 visitors over three days last year!

And the good news is, you don’t have to be a diver to enjoy ADEX! 

By coming to the show as a non-diver, you’ll have the chance to experience what many longtime divers can’t – that first rush of love and excitement as you discover a whole new world of wonder beneath the waves. Learn about the incredible environment that covers more than 70% of our planet, the threats it faces, and what you can do to help save it. You can also sign up for a scuba course for free and get the price of your entrance ticket refunded.

You may even get to enter for FREE, ADEX has free entry for:

  • Everyone under 16 years old
  • ALL Students (Photo ID required)
  • Anyone born in 1995 (Year ADEX was founded)
  • People with special needs
  • All Navy Personnel
  • People with a real seahorse tattoo
  • People wearing wetsuits
  • People wearing ADEX 2016 Official T-shirts


Highlights of the 21st ADEX include activities for kids, families and friends, non-divers and hardcore scuba junkies alike! Check out what you can expect at the best scuba show:

1. Try Dives for Everyone



Not a diver yet? Try it out and discover a new passion!

Children above nine years old can get to experience diving for the first time under the close supervision of professional diving instructors at the ADEX pool, while adults can try dive at the ADEX dive tank.

It’s a great way to spend the day trying a new sport with your family!


2. Activities for Kids


Worried that your kids might be bored at ADEX?

Fear not as kids can come and have fun at the ADEX Activity Zone!

Be immersed with activities, competitions and arts & craft! Learn about conservation and join in as we celebrate the ocean. There will be games, educational talks by conservation experts and many more!


3. Meet the Mermaids


ADEX 2016 is thrilled to have real-life mermaids performing at the event once again! Visitors can see these mythical creatures come alive as they swim and perform in ADEX dive tank. They will also be at the ADEX pool where kids can meet and take photos with their favourite mermaids!


4. Singapore Pavilion

ADEX website banner (marine park)

ADEX 2016 will be joining in the celebration of the launch of Singapore’s First Marine Park, which is organised by Singapore National Parks Board (NParks) and in association with the Blue-Green Alliance. The Singapore Pavilion will be the focal point for three days of exciting discovery, education and awareness about the conservation of marine life in Singapore.

Be sure to visit the booth when you are there!


For more information on ADEX, please visit