Trade360 takes a look into a new online log book service for divers from the International Fun Diving Instructors (IFDI):


Press Release:

IFDI-logoIFDI offers the first real online log book service for divers that can be digitally signed by all instructors worldwide. Due to the neutral structure of IFDI that accepts all instructors regardless of their organisation, IFDI is the first and only that can offer such a service. This is something totally new.

Thanks to IFDI, divers can now drop their paper log book for a digitalised version: A “real” log book can be signed, and is recognised, by instructors. The IFDI log book is not one of those unorthodox online log books using videos and photos that exist on the net without any system of authentication.

Even though IFDI is rather new, IFDI already has members in over 20 countries.

How does it work exactly? This is quite simple.
The divers can get their log book at:
IFDI offers the first three rows for free, this allows the diver to test out the service before fully committing.

In order to sign the IFDI log book, the instructors simply need to join IFDI. They fill out the form, submit a copy of their ID and instructor diploma (which IFDI review before accepting). If their diploma is fine, they gain access to a page on their account that allows them to sign the IFDI log book for each diver. The digital signature of the instructor on the IFDI log book includes the instructor name, the organization name and the instructor number for references, the same principle as a stamp in your paper log book.

IFDI also offers free online learning and low cost certifications. With a host of opportunities, to both meet new divers and enhance your diving experience, this brand new service is aiming to revolutionise the diving industry.

You may get more info about IFDI at: