Avoid any hiccups on your next dive holiday by booking ahead online – coming soon to the ever-growing UW360 platform! Strategic partner in Australasia, Divebooker.com, is collaborating with Underwater360 to bring our readers the top offers and best advice on booking their trips.

We’re going to make it a breeze to browse and compare diving opportunities all over the world, and we’ll help you plan and instantly book the perfect diving vacation. So if you’re taken with a destination that we’ve featured, such as our UW360 trip report on diving Komodo National Park, and you fancy heading there yourself, you can easily check out the deals and offers from each operator in the area, in this case, Komodo Island, on Divebooker.com, to find you the best bang for your buck.

Divebooker.com homepage

Divebooker.com homepage

Our collaboration with Divebooker.com will bring you, our readers, the best deals in the ocean. Together, we’ll put numerous diving choices at your fingertips, in an easily accessible layout, making finding the perfect operator so much simpler. You’ll be able to compare information, reviews and prices side by side, so that you can make an informed choice in complete confidence. Through the Divebooker.com portal, you can also communicate with their 24-hour hotline to support you through the booking process.

It’s the most effective way of getting the most out of your upcoming dive trips. Now, go out there and start booking!

Online booking portal coming soon!