The cover of Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA magazine is a window into the underwater world. It is the start of a journey, guided by the many passionate voices who have explored what lies beneath the waves.

In its 35-year history, the magazine has published over 200 covers, each capturing something unique to that issue, and that time in diving history. Underwater360 looks back and flicks through these historic mementos, to select the top six:

Journey East (2014)

The impressive seven-metre tail span of the blue whale, captured by big animal pro shooter Amos Nachoum, became one of Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA‘s most beloved covers after its release in 2014.


SDAA 07 2014 (amos)


Guide to the Pacific Islands (2012)

The close-up perspective of the toothy grin of a parrotfish, photographed by Steve De Neef offshore in the waters of Myanmar, added a colourful and unique touch to the Pacific Islands edition.


SD 03-2012 AA-068


Space Oddities (2007)

The juvenile pinnatus batfish captured by William Tan. By adopting the bold contrasting colouration and undulating swimming movements of the poisonous flatworm, William’s subject not only protected itself from being eaten, but also confused and challenged his camera’s auto-focus and TTL metering. Six rolls of film were needed to get this image, and when the issue hit the newsstands, Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA went big.




What It Feels Like (2012)

What does swimming with a walrus feel like? Paul Souders came face to face with the graceful, agile, and curious mammal in Norway’s waters. Setting the tone for an issue that captured the extreme and beautifully weird, this cover was an easy pick for our top six list.


SD 07-2012 AA-070


Sharks (2003)

The magazine’s first shark special, featuring the stunning image of Pascal Jagut’s shark eating shark, highlighted the plight of these magnificent ocean predators, and guided readers to seek out the best shark encounters. At the time, this groundbreaking image brought never-before-seen underwater behaviour to the front page of the dive media.




Kids & Diving (2012)

This surreal composite digital art piece by Zena Holloway, featuring a young boy coming face to face with an otter, was the first cover of its kind. Inspiring a lifetime connection to water, Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA branched out to incorporate the “family side” of scuba diving, bringing the sport to a wider audience.


SD 05-2012 AA-069

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