For those Diveaholics out there looking for the perfect mask to increase their field of vision, or attach a GoPro to, we showcase some of the most exciting diving masks out now:

SCUBAPRO Steel CompSteel Com Mask

  • Dual lens frameless design offers the lowest possible internal volume, and compresses under pressure, perfect for deep freediving descents
  • Flat, ultra clear, scratchresistant glass
  • Premium silicone skirt fits a range of faces
  • Rotating buckles and micro-adjustable strap for a comfortable, watertight fit
  • Available in black, white or clear

Super Compensator Blue SiliconeBEUCHAT Super Compensator

  •  The iconic mask, updated with modern techniques and materials
  • Offers a huge field of vision
  • Single oval lens with a comfortable hypoallergenic silicon skirt
  • Skirt and rim shaped around the nostrils to simplify equalisation
  • Frameless technology and the angled window reduce the internal volume

AQUA LUNG FavolaFavola Mask

  • Guarantees an incredible field of vision
  • Inclined lenses provide an exceptional horizontal angle of view
  • Patented Cardanic Joint Buckles rotate both up-and-down and in-and-out, providing maximum adaptability and comfort for any head shape
  • The quick counter-posed push button activation makes the buckle easy to use even when wearing gloves
  • Strap with larger headpiece provides greater stability and comfort

AirTraspaBluAmazonCRESSI Air

  • A compact mask with excellent field of vision
  • Crystal silicone skirt includes a new insert for improved sealing
  • An integrated frame technology system means better fusion of the curved, hydrodynamic frame and skirt
  • Two-tone headband
  • Seven colour options with a crystal skirt, and four colour options with a black skirt



MARES One Vision & One Vision Sunrise

  • A new single-lens mask with Mares DNA
  • The benchmark product in single-lens masks has now been surpassed
  • Updated design increases field of vision by 20 percent
  • EZ-adjust buckles positioned directly on skirt for easy fitting, better sealing and lower drag
  • Range of fresh new colours for 2016

ES155 Mask copyDIVE RITE ES155

  • A low-profile mask offering superior comfort
  • Its wide angle of view is enhanced with ultra clear lenses
  • A matte silicone skirt insures a perfect fit



  • High-quality mask with a dedicated fitting for an action camera


SCUBAPRO Spectra 2

  • Low volume, compact, dual lens design for easy clearing and the best possible field of view
  • Ultra-clear no-tint glass
  • Universal skirt design is super comfortableSpectra2-blacksilver
  • Mirrored lens option
  • Clear skirt available in blue, red, white, pink; black skirt available in black/silver, black/bronze and black/silver with mirrored lenses