Come along for a weekend at the movies at ADEX 2016! Be inspired, get educated and prepare to have your mind blown!

Let ADEX take you on a journey from the shallows to the depths and leave you with a mind filled with the mystery and majesty of the ocean.

Bringing you some of the most inspiring productions in education and conservation, all dedicated to our beloved big blue. From Academy award nominated blockbuster documentaries, to fun, animated short films and voice-overs by Hollywood stars, the ADEX 2016 Film Festival promises to be a highlight of the whole event. Screening world-class films over the last two days of ADEX, don’t miss this line-up!  


Racing Extinction

By Louie Psihoyos


Photo Courtesy of Jeff Winter

In the hard-hitting Racing Extinction, a team of artists and activists exposes the hidden world of extinction with never-before-seen images that will change the way we see the planet. Two worlds drive extinction across the globe, potentially resulting in the loss of half of all species. The international wildlife trade creates bogus markets at the expense of creatures that have survived on this planet for millions of years. And the other surrounds us, hiding in plain sight — a world that the oil and gas companies don’t want the rest of us to see. Using covert tactics and state-of-the-art technology, the Racing Extinction team exposes these two worlds in an inspiring affirmation to preserve life as we know it. From the Academy Award Winning Filmmakers of “The Cove”, and nominated for several academy awards, since its release on Discovery in December, the film has been making huge waves and is set to be a game changer in the race to save life on our planet.  


Gombessa II, The Grouper Mystery

By Laurent Ballesta

Le bisous

Photo Courtesy of Laurent Ballesta

Gombessa II, The Grouper Mystery took place at the South Pass of the Fakarava Atoll, in the Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia. The heart of the mission was to capture a unique aggregation of marbled groupers of the Pacific and illustrate how their spawning plays a key role in the balance of the lagoon ecosystem. Thousands of them somehow hear a deep call once a year on the July full moon, to come aggregate and mate for an extremely brief and spectacular moment. Laurent Ballesta did a 24 hour exploration dive at a depth of more than 20 meters to study this wild ecosystem, also spending the night with the reef sharks who come to feed on the waiting fish…  


Genesis: The Man Who Discovered the Sea

By Manfred Christ & Harald Pokieser, presented by Leslie Leaney

HH Red Sea sepia

Photo Courtesy of Leslie Leaney

Professor Hans Hass was one of the very first people to bring images of the underwater world to the surface, developing camera equipment, and later diving equipment, that resulted in the sport we know and love today. During his career as one of the earliest explorers of the ocean, Professor Hans Hass was not only a prolific writer, but also produced over 100 films, along with his beautiful wife, the intrepid diver, photographer and explorer, Lotte. This unique, never-before released documentary charts Professor Hans Hass’ incredible pioneering career, and is presented by Leslie Leaney, co-founder of the Historical Diving Society USA and founder of the Historical Diver Magazine.  


A Different Kind of Farm

By Caroline Harding


Photo Courtesy of Caroline Owre

In 1998, aquaculturists Carol and Craig Schmarr decided to save the seahorse. Seahorses were disappearing from the world’s oceans at an alarming rate and so they quit their jobs, packed their bags, and moved to Hawaii where they used their life savings to build the world’s first seahorse farm. The only hitch – the seahorse had never been bred in captivity and they were told by scientists it was impossible. This is the story of how they discovered the secret, their endeavor to challenge the pet-trade industry, and how they are educating the public about the large number of fish taken yearly from the world’s reefs.


Coral Gardening

By Silke De Vos

Coral Gardening Screenshot 2

Photo Courtesy of Silke De Vos

Due to environmental changes, human activities and natural threats coral reefs in South East Asia are at risk. The coral reefs are a life  giving environment and are essential for the oceans life cycle and for local communities. Coral Gardening follows Anuar Abdullah, the founder of Ocean Quest Malaysia and ADEX Coral Reef Ambassador 2014/2015 in his efforts to make coral conservation easy, enjoyable and educational with his UNESCO endorsed Coral Propagation Program.  


Pressure: The Challenge to Human Capacity

by Pepe Arcos

Pressure The Challenge to human capacity

Catch Pepe Arcos’ latest film, Pressure: The Challenge to Human Capacity at its premiere screening during the ADEX Singapore 2016 Film Festival. Follow freediver Miguel Lozano through intense preparation and heart-stopping moments as he attempts to break a freediving world record.



by Michael Maes


Follow Ellen Cuylaerts from overcoming her fear for water to becoming a shark advocate and defender. A real life story about conquering fear and protecting endangered animals, seen through the eyes of a wildlife photographer and mother of an autistic family.


A series of short films by Conservation International

Conservation International has finished a collection of beautiful and poignant films that represent “nature speaking”. Each film gives voice to an element of nature and our notion of the relationship between humankind and the Earth. Celebrities have generously donated their talent and time to play the parts of each element.

The Ocean

The Ocean movie poster

Narration by Harrison Ford

Coral Reef

Coral Reef movie poster

Narration by Ian Somerhalder


The Rainforest movie poster

Narration by Kevin Spacey


Water movie poster

Narration by Penelope Cruz


NIS Ice poster.

Narration by Liam Neeson


Home (Medium)

Narration by Reese Witherspoon


A series of short films by cartoonist Jim Toomey

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has partnered with cartoonist Jim Toomey in developing a series of two-minute videos intended to raise awareness of the importance of oceans and the coastal environment. The videos use animation and humor to explain in clear and simple language the role oceans play in our lives and our very survival.

Marine Litter

Still - UNEP Marine Litter

Photo Courtesy of Jim Toomey

Jim’s magical animation illustrates just how big an issue marine litter really is, inspiring us to make changes in our daily lives to help protect the oceans.

 The True Value of the Ocean

Still - UNEP Ocean Value

Photo Courtesy of Jim Toomey

The ocean is more than just a play ground for divers, it is also a vital, valuable resource. You will be surprised to discover just how valuable it is!

Sharks and Ocean Health

Still - Pew Sharks

Photo Courtesy of Jim Toomey

Jim Toomey, renowned ocean life cartoonist, says we can learn from his character, Sherman the shark. Because sharks are at the top of the food web, protecting them is an important part of maintaining a healthy balance of life in the sea. In this new video, Toomey enlists the help of Sherman himself to illustrate just how important sharks are to ocean health.

Polyps in Peril

Still - WRI Polyps in Peril

Photo Courtesy of Jim Toomey

Jim Toomey and Céline Cousteau (perhaps you have heard of her grandfather?) joined WRI in making this video. Jim shares his humor and his magical pencil to create the images you’ll see in this animated short. Céline uses her dynamic personality and passion to narrate coral reefs’ story. The result is a film that informs, inspires action, and may even make you laugh.

Two Miles Deep

Two Miles Deep

In June of 2014, Jim was invited by the Duke University Marine Lab to be a “cartoonist-in-residence” aboard the famed deep submersible vehicle Alvin. Two Miles Deep is an account of his dive to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. In this 27-minute film, we discover, from the perspective of a cartoonist, through video and animation, that the deep ocean is a world full of beauty and complexity.  


Borneo from Below

By Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski and Scubazoo


Come and discover the rumble beneath the jungle! Borneo From Below is an online series devoted entirely to Borneo’s beautiful marine environment. Each weekly online episode showcases the region’s incredible underwater inhabitants. Borneo From Below also investigates major environmental issues such as shark finning, fish bombing and the trade in endangered wildlife. Each short, fun, inspiring and informative episode features photographic tips and techniques. The ADEX Film Festival will showcase three of Borneo From Below’s best episodes, including a not yet released special, created just for ADEX that investigates Borneo’s trade in seahorses.  


Fragile Legacy

By David O Brown


Photo Courtesy of Denis Jensen

Narrated by actor Ted Danson, Fragile Legacy uncovers the history of a unique collection of beautiful glass antique sculptures of marine creatures, and what they can tell us about the oceans today.  


Guardians of Raja Ampat (Conservation International)

By Shawn Heinrichs and John Weller

Guardians of Raja Ampat

A powerfully emotional and heartwarming film that and celebrates the leadership role that the people of Raja Ampat have taken in Indonesia in spearheading marine conservation.  


The Edge

By Steer Films

The Edge

This award-winning short film, The Edge, presents
the majesty of sharks in a way seen before. A piece of visual poetry, accompanied by mesmeric narration, this short film will stay with you long after you have seen it, revealing these misunderstood predators as the beautiful, awe-inspiring peak of evolution in life in the ocean.  


Save Our Seahorses

By Gillian Marsh

Save our Seahorses

Save Our Seahorses is the fascinating, heartbreaking, but ultimately hope-affirming story from GMarsh TV of the charismatic Irish marine biologist Kealan Doyle and his dogged attempt to save an extraordinary species from extinction. Featuring revealing and intimate natural history footage of the seahorse and spanning ten years in Doyle’s life, this is a business story with a decided twist. Despite his lack of commercial experience, Doyle emerges as a uniquely driven individual. Even in the face of failure and bankruptcy, it is this determination that ultimately saves him.


The First Breath

By Kurt Amsler

First Breath

A Sperm whale gives birth surrounded by a pod of other females. After the baby is born, other whales step in appearing to act as midwives. They then escort the newborn to the surface so it can take its first breath. Birth was captured on camera by Kurt Amsler in the Azores Island. He says that was the greatest experience in over 45 years underwater photography….


The Sea Turtles of Lamu

By D. David Morin

The Sea turtles of Lamu

In 1992, the sea turtles of Lamu were beyond endangered… they were approaching extinction. Poaching in Africa isn’t just elephant tusks and rhino horns, it also includes sea turtles. This is the story of LAMCOT & Odo, a conservancy trust and a former poacher, who have single-handedly saved sea turtles on the remote Manda Island off the coast of Kenya in the Lamu archipelago. They are helping the turtles overcome the odds of 1 in a 1000 to survive against poachers, oil pipelines and fishermen.


The Secret Life of Seahorses

Series Editor: Lorraine Heggessey
Producer: Andrew Thompson

Narrator: David Attenborough Amanda Vincent is a woman with a mission. She is trying to save the seahorse from extinction by persuading Filipino fishermen to set up seahorse farms. Includes extraordinary footage shot inside a pregnant male’s brood pouch.


Blue Carbon

by Conservation International

Blue Carbon

This film highlights the importance of mangroves in climate change, especially in West Papua.


Littlest Seahorse

by Larry & Denise Tackett

Denise's pygmy seahorse (Hippocampus denise) male female living on specific species of sea fan (Subergorgia mollis) whose polyps are open for feeding early morning depth 75 feet in a high current area

First discovered in Lembeh Strait by Denise Tackett, Hippocampus denise is indeed one of nature’s marvels. At only 16mm in length, it is one of the smallest seahorses in the world. This film showcases the birthing and mating behaviour of Denise’s pygmy, as well as information on the marine environment it inhabits.


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