Celebrating the sea doesn’t have to be done underwater! At the Asia Dive Expo 2016, which is a huge show where three days are dedicated to everything about the ocean – exploring it, protecting it, and taking beautiful pictures and videos of it. It’s not only for adults, either. Every year, kids of all ages get involved too!



KZ - Try Dive

Want to be a Diver? Let the experts at ADEX help you discover the joys of the underwater world at our Try Dive Zone!

Get your children to take their very first breaths underwater this year! Closely supervised by experienced professionals, they will be shown how to use the gear and take their first ever scuba dive.

Other underwater activities include underwater hockey, the fast-paced  underwater sport that tests your limits, as you have to score goals while holding your breath.



Perk your kids’ creativity by getting their fingers colourful and dirty, with our Ocean Artist AG Saño, Anuar Abdullah and Van Wangye Shiming, they will prove  that finger painting isn’t only for babies! Enticing budding artists with an enchanted underwater scene, the colouring competition will have children put their own stamp on a whimsical image in an effort to win some fantastic prizes.



KZ - Brain

Kids and grown-ups alike can have their brains bamboozled and their minds meddled with. The Kids’ Zone offers a chance to whip the grey matter into shape with memory and maths puzzles and 3D games that challenge players’ logic and reasoning.

Come out to play in celebration of the sea and in honour of the oceans’ cute little inhabitants, the Seahorse!



Show off your artistic skills at our colouring competition and stand to win attractive prizes! Winning entries will even get published in Asian Geographic JUNIOR!



KZ- Meet the Mermaids

Don’t miss out on a chance to meet a legend of the ocean… Come and find the ADEX mermaids!



Show your support for seahorses! Get a seahorse painted on your face with edible paints!


ADEX 2016 has something for all ages!

For for information about our mermaids and their schedule listings, please visit www.adex.asia