The Guinness World Record holder for the largest underwater painting in the world, Alexander Belozor, will be drawing and painting underwater at ADEX Singapore 2016

143110f7-6e48-4e73-bbc0-8e55d2d462aeBorn in Ukraine, Alexander Belozor graduated from the graphic arts department of Odessa Pedagogical Institute for best thesis work. He became the first artist who began to paint underwater in the Commonwealth of Independent states; which includes Russia, Moldova, and Armenia. Currently living and working in Kiev, Alexander experiments in a number of different genres of art, from sketching to the style that granted him his first Guinness World Record, underwater painting. Alexander has participated in many art and special exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, and has won a number of awards.

His first Guinness World Record “Deepest Written Work Underwater”, was awarded on December 18, 2010 for writing at a depth of 26 metres for 40 minutes. Then in August 2011, he was awarded another Guinness World Record, for the largest underwater painting in the world at 0.8m².

Alexander believes that his underwater painting projects are to reveal the beauty of the invisible world that lies below the waves. He has painted more than 100 underwater artworks–on depths from five to 10 metres–and with the help of underwater painting hopes to draw attention to the purity of the world in the ocean, and aims to protect it.

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