ADEX – Asia’s largest and longest running dive expo – has seen its popularity grow throughout the world. In 2014, ADEX held its first dive expo in Shanghai. Since that time, the ADEX brand has continued to develop in China – a nation with a burgeoning dive industry, a growing number of individuals eager to explore the seas, and of course, an increasing amount of environmentally-conscious people willing to support ocean conservation, which is a central focus of ADEX.


Following from three years of experience and success in the country, including two expos at Beijing in 2015 and 2016, we are pleased to announce our latest event. For the first time, ADEX is coming to Shenzhen in southern China. The expo will be held at the Shekou iFactory from 8-10 September 2017.


Shekou is the first export-oriented economic development zone by China Merchant Holdings. Shekou iFactory itself is surrounded by three industrial clusters – Sea World Shopping District, Taizi Bay Harbour, and the Research and Technological Development District. Collectively, they give the place a hip and creative atmosphere, which accounts for the vibrant hub it is today.


Occupying almost 50,000 square metres of space and formerly a float-glass factory, the iFactory has been protectively reformed and refurbished into a manufactural innovation-orientated creative centre, focusing on art and technology.


We chose this area because it is a focal point of activity and energy. With the latest gadgets and kit being offered by our exhibitors, along with speeches from leading figures in the dive community, and inspirational talks from conservationists calling on the youth – and people of all ages! – to help make a change, the iFactory’s creative waves make this a fitting location for the introduction of ADEX in Shenzhen.


People from all over China – and the world – will be coming to the event. Hong Kong borders the region to the south, and so expect to see famous dive enthusiasts from the island make the trip to Shenzhen!

What’s going on?


Before the expo, and to prepare the way for it, there will be a series of festival celebrations – The Shenzhen Ocean17 Tour. As a film, book, image, art and music festival, there will be various activities, exhibitions and workshops taking place. This is an opportunity for divers and others to get recognition and publicity for their efforts and achievements, and to open the minds of our audience to their amazing work!


The expo itself is divided into two parts. From 10am to 7pm, the trade show will be open for you to check out the various exhibitors offering dive gear, photo and video equipment, dive trips, and so much more! During this time, speakers will be delivering their presentations on different topics covering the various forms of diving, innovations in equipment, ocean conservation, and so forth.



Here are some of the activities lined up:

  • Advanced diving equipment on display
  • Crossover presentations on surfing/ sailing
  • Meeting sessions with a wide range of renowned divers
  • Mermaid performances
  • Scuba try-outs
  • Underwater model photography
  • A presentation from the world’s freediving champion
  • Technical diving conference
  • Underwater photography/ videography talks
  • Ocean Gallery
  • Ernie Brooks book signing session – Silver Seas


From 7pm, the party begins, and lasts until 1am. Stay up to party and network with others till the early hours while listening or dancing to some of Asia’s top DJs!


The pledge


The consumption of shark fin soup is widespread in Asia, particularly in China. Across the world, 100 million sharks are killed every year. We feel strongly in our opposition to the slaughter and consumption of sharks.


At ADEX Shenzhen 2017, we are calling on our visitors to sign a pledge against the consumption of sharks. We intend to have a record-breaking number of Chinese people – gathered from all over the world – make this commitment (10,000+). In doing so, we will spread awareness about shark conservation and their dwindling numbers: And we will help send a message against shark fin soup and prompt real change among the Chinese.

Ticket information


Full day ticket 10am – 1am:  RMB $50

Day ticket 10am – 7pm: RMB $30

Night ticket 7pm – 1am: RMB $30


FREE REGISTRATION until the 31st of August



Shekou iFactory

8 Haiwan Rd, Shekou,

Nanshan District, Shenzhen


Shekou Bay MRT station , Exit D1 (Shuttle Bus)


M400, 70 and 204


Carpark Reserved for Visitors & Exhibitors

For maps, photos and information for exhibitors, click here – ADEX-china-Slide-160x90mm-ENGLISH-Folder-2-1.pdf

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