With Beijing Ocean Week coming to a close, the team is now preparing to bring the festivities to Shenzhen for the inaugural Shenzhen Ocean17 Festival!

Apart from the regular Film, Book, Image, Art, and Science festivals, the ADEX team is introducing a fresh line-up of programmes to celebrate the beginning of this venture.

Mermaid Festival

ADEX Shenzhen will see the largest gathering of mermaids – ever! Witness the beautiful spectacle of mermaid performances and cheer for your favourite mermaid as the competition unfolds in the exciting Mermaid Challenge. Officials from the Guiness Book of Records will be in attendance to make this historic recording.

Freediving Festival

The Freediving Festival will feature everything that took place at the freediving pavilion in Beijing – and much more! The champions of freediving – Herbert Nitsch, Alexey Molchanov, and Aolin Wang – will be present to share their passion and tips with participants.

Watersports Festival

Lookout for an array of watersports presentations and tryouts at the pool. The adventurous have the opportunity to try their hand at kiteboarding, surfing and wakeboarding. A yacht show will also be present, featuring luxurious charters for your next dive trip.

Music Festival

Don’t head off too soon, you won’t want to miss the ADEX Music Festival featuring Asia’s top DJs. From 7pm each night, participants are invited to stay for a time of partying till the early hours.

See you there!

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