Every diver has their own preference of BCD, selecting from its features, capabilities and details. Today BCs are complex pieces of equipment, and finding the right one means getting one that fits both you and your diving style. We bring you 12 of the best BCDs:

Dive Rite Nomad LTZNomad-LTZ_BC4545_Front-View


  • A rugged and streamlined side-mount system
  • 35lbs of lift
  • Can handle more tank configurations no matter what exposure protection the diver is wearing
  • Protected by SuperFabric material
  • Suitable for the most extreme environments

Scubapro X-Forcescubapro-x-force-1370755806


  • A powerhouse of a BCD, perfect for passionate and advanced recreational divers
  • New pre-formed wraparound bladder provides excellent trim and eliminates squeeze
  • New quick-release weight buckle retaining system allows easy, one-hand operation
  • Made of high-resistance Cordura 500 (exterior) and Nylon 420 (interior)

Apeks Side-Mount Setapeks-sidemount-wsx-25-11l


  • A kit that contains all of the necessary hardware and accessories for sidemount diving
  • Includes two awardwinning XTX50 regulators

Aqua Lung Dimensionspd0311_aqualung_dimension3


  • A back inflation style BC that incorporates Aqua Lung’s integrated Wrapture Harness System
  • Amazing comfort and stability
  • Made from durable, fade-resistant Resistek material
  • Features the patented SureLock II mechanical integrated weight system



  • A soft pack style harness with ample padding for comfort
  • Designed for single or double tanks
  • Features a unique rear pocket to slide a back plate into
  • One of three unique harness systems available from OMSAqua Lung Lotus

Aqua Lung Lotusaqualung-lotus-i3-bcd-side2


  • A back inflation BC specifically for women
  • Features the Wrapture Harness System, which hugs the body, and curved straps for a better fit
  • Integrated weights are secured with the SureLock II mechanical weight system

OMS Deep Ocean Wingimages

MSRP USD401–471

  • An OMS favourite, the Deep Ocean Wing includes the Retraction Band System designed to keep the wing folded behind the diver’s shoulders, reducing drag and the chance of entanglement
  • Made with 1000 denier nylon for robustness
  • Available in 45, 60 and 94lb lift
  • Choice of colours, red or black

Scubapro Gogo-bc


  • A dedicated BC for travelling the world
  • Lightweight (large size weighs only 1.9 kilos)
  • Easy to pack
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Includes an integrated weight system, new optional trim pouches and a host of other features

OMS Performance Mono WingOMS-Performance-Mono-Wing-32-lb_b5


  • Donut style allows allowing quick and easy movement of air
  • Stabilising bars built into the wing reduce tank shifting during the dive
  • Small, lightweight and easy to pack, making it ideal for travel
  • 32lb lift
  • Available in red or black

Dive Rite Transpac XT with Travel XT WingTransPAC-XT-with-Travel-XT_PK3351_Angle-View


  • A mountaineering backpack design that provides superior support in and out of the water
  • Adjustments allow for the perfect fit of any body style
  • 27lbs of lift in a compact design
  • SuperFabric material gives it an armoured shell

Mares Quantummares-quantum


  • A revolution in BCD safety and reliability
  • SLS weight system gives visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion
  • Room for bulky accessories with new stretch cargo pockets
  • Swivel buckles, D-ring attachment and hose storage on side lobes
  • Mono-plate backpack fits single or twin tanks

Cressi Ultralightcressi-ultralight


  • At only 2kg, this is one of the lightest BCs on the market
  • Back cell with integrated weights
  • Anatomical shoulder straps
  • Soft, padded back
  • Two colour versions – black and white, and black and lilac

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