Lynn, inducted into the inaugural Women Divers Hall of Fame, is an internationally published photographer, author, lecturer, environmentalist, adventuress, and leader in dive travel. Diving and photographing over 260 islands in the Philippines, two months every year since 1975, she is an expert on Philippine diving. Her latest honour was “Diver of the Year” 2014 in Arts at Beneath the Sea. As an environmentalist, Lynn is committed to making a difference through her images and presentations, and it is our pleasure to introduce her as our Photographer of the Month:

Face to face with a devil scorpionfish © Lynn Funkhouser

Face to face with a devil scorpionfish © Lynn Funkhouser

What made you want to become an underwater photographer?

I started diving in 1967 and became “addicted” to it. Not many people were diving then and very few of my friends could, so I wanted to show them the underwater wonders that I was witnessing.  

Your first underwater shot?

It was probably of a large green moray eel. I loved them!

Where is your favourite dive destination? 

My favourite dive destination is the Philippines. I have spent two months per year, every year, for 41 years diving the 260 islands there.  I love the species diversification, the wonderful people and the great food!

The site you’d most like to dive, but never have?

Aldabra, in the Seychelles. 

The weirdest thing you’ve seen underwater?

The funniest thing was watching 50 porcupine pufferfish trying to school. I would guess it was mating time.

Dragon shrimp © Lynn Funkhouser

Dragon shrimp © Lynn Funkhouser

What camera equipment are you currently using?

My latest system is a Nikon D7200 with Ikelite housing & Ikelite strobes. I also have a Nikon D7000 with Ikelite housing and two Ikelite strobes. My favourite lenses are the 60mm macro, 105 mm macro, and the 10.5 mm. I also have a macro mate. I just got a +20 diaptor that I am looking forward to using. There are always new tools to try! 

What is the highlight of your career?

I have been lucky to have many highlights. The most fun event was the inaugural induction into the Women Divers Hall of Fame at Beneath the Sea in 2000.

…And the low point?

Not really a low point but I still get asked “who does my photography?” I thought that was over 30 years ago, but it just happened again recently! Of course it is always a man who asks.

Ocean thresher shark © Lynn Funkhouser

Ocean thresher shark © Lynn Funkhouser

Is there any particular shot that you still want to get?

My list of critters and behaviours grows every year. I still want a definitive shot of a blue ring octopus, and I really want to capture a purple lacey Rhinopia aphanes. The nudibranch list always has new spectacular ones – Melibe colemani is the one I have to find this year.

Catch Lynn on stage at ADEX Singapore 2016