In celebration of the Ocean Voices around the world, ADEX presents a brand new segment this year, the ADEX Book Festival! Taking place on the first two days of the event (15 and 16 April, 5pm – 7pm), renowned writers & photographers from around the world will be sharing about their latest books, followed by a book signing session after each of their presentations. Get your hands on these books at the ADEX Book Festival!  

Gombessa – A Meeting With The Coelacanth

By Laurent Ballesta
Foreword: David Doubilet

gombessa cover

In a groundbreaking expedition, Laurent Ballesta and his team undertake an immense challenge – diving to over 120 metres in search of the coelacanth to be the first to find, photograph and film the legendary living fossil. This extraordinary book takes you to the very bottom of the ocean, to an ancient landscape inhabited by mysterious species, to a world where every second counts, in search of a meeting with the fish thought to have been extinct for more than 65 million years.

With stunning images and a compelling, poetic narrative that immerses you fully in an expedition that has changed the face of ocean exploration, this book is a must have for anybody passionate about the ocean, science, photography and adventure. | SGD105


Underwater City – Baia Guide

By Vincenzo Maione
Photos: Pasquale Vassallo


This is the vey first guide to one of the most fascinating dive sites in the world, the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia. Let yourself be taken on an emotional journey into this underwater city with author and world-class photographer Pasquale Vassallo.

Dive into history among mosaics, thermal baths, villas, even an imperial palace from a time when rich and famous Romans used to leave the city to relax. This book is a beautiful tour guide for those who want to discover this fascinating underwater archaeological experience. | SGD28


Blackwater and Open Blue

By Scott Tuason

_SDT6161 copy

This beautiful large-format photographic book showcases amazing images taken around the world in the open ocean, either during daylight hours or at night. From the minute jellyfish, barely visible to the naked eye, to a 15-metre-long humpback whale and her calf, this collection spans almost 10 years of capturing images that are unique, fascinating or downright bizarre. | SGD139


Watercolour – Underwater Art

By Patrick Ong


See the world through the eyes and mind of a remarkable photographer. In Patrick’s first book, he tells stories through his highly skilful imagery, capturing unique liquid images of moments in time. Watercolour is a blast of colour showing Nature in action in extraordinary circumstances. This remarkable liquid journey showcases the beauty and fragility of our incredible ocean planet. | SGD100



By  Hengki Koentjoro


This black-and-white underwater photography book by Indonesian Hasselblad Master and international award-winning photographer, Hengki Koentjoro, showcases the beauty of Indonesia’s water and marine life. Covering a series of Hengki’s diving experiences in several diving spots around Indonesia, this fine art book is presented in the classic Hasselblad square ratio, although the images were shot using a regular consumer camera. | SGD69


Small Blue World – Little People. Big Adventures

By Jason Isley


The ever-expanding population on Earth and the effects of climate change are pushing its resources to the limit. With over 70 percent of the planet covered by the oceans, it is time to take a closer look into the small blue world.

Join award-winning photographer, Jason Isley, as he presents a fantasyland where people are starting out in a new world. Explore the human condition and take an amusing look at whether we have learnt anything from our time here on Earth. The latest book to be produced and published by Scubazoo is an entertaining insight into the underwater realm and the effects humans have on their environment. | SGD25


Ghosts of the Deep – Diving the Shipwrecks of Sri Lanka

By Dharshana Jayawardena


Portals to bygone eras, the shipwrecks of Sri Lanka are enduring testimonies to a long, rich cultural history. Historical records suggest that there are hundreds of wrecks littering Sri Lanka’s mysterious waters and while some have been located and their identity ascertained, others remain secrets to be uncovered. Still more will likely never be found. | SGD135


A series of Books by Jill Heinerth

Chester the Manatee and the Very, Very, Terribly Bad Itch


This adorable book follows the life of a gentle manatee facing struggles from a very annoying itch. He reaches out to a young girl who helps him discover the cause of his problems. The little girl helps Chester by teaching people about keeping water clean. Chester the Manatee supports children who feel different embrace their special characteristics. The book celebrates unique kids as remarkable people who help teach others about important issues. | SGD21

The Basics of Rebreather Diving


Providing information based on her decades of exploration and teaching experience, professional rebreather instructor Jill Heinerth leads readers through the history, basics and te
chnical aspects of rebreather diving. Jill adds just the right amount of rich personal anecdotes to provide an insider’s viewpoint about the past, present and future of closed-circuit diving. | SGD71

The Essentials of Cave Diving, Second Edition

CaveDiving (Medium)

With decades of technical diving experience, including world record cave dives, and paradigm changing underwater exploration, Woman Divers Hall of Fame member Jill Heinerth has created this contemporary guidebook for cave divers. Generously illustrated, the book is full of practical underwater knowledge, including sidemount techniques and the latest rebreather technology. Encompassing all levels of cave diving, this manual is an essential tool – appropriate and relevant to all cave training disciplines. | SGD43

The Scuba Diver’s Guide to Underwater Video


Professional underwater filmmaker and explorer Jill Heinerth shares her tips for scuba divers interested in shooting underwater video, whether experienced or starting with a GoPro. This book offers specific technical information, anecdotes and guidance for improving your underwater filmmaking skills. | SGD43


A series of Books by Simon Pridmore

Scuba Professional – Isights ninto Sport Diver Training & Operations

Scuba Professional by Simon Pridmore

Scuba Professional is an excellent source of out-of-the-box ideas and independent, objective advice for instructors and dive operators and an indispensable guide for those aspiring to become dive professionals. It also offers fascinating insights into the business side of scuba that all
divers will appreciate. The book also looks at the bigger picture of diving safety and presents ideas for developing the safety culture within our sport. In short, this is everything you wanted to know about working in scuba diving but never dared to ask. | SGD25

Scuba Fundamental – Start Diving the Right Way

Scuba Fundamental by Simon Pridmore

What to learn how to scuba dive? Scuba Fundamental is the perfect introductory book for you. It tells readers, among other things, how to prepare for scuba diving, what to expect and how to choose an instructor and dive operator to learn to dive with. It also guides you through the early part of your diving career, your first couple of courses and first 20 dives, helping you to make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls that so many new divers experience. | SGD25


Elysium Artists for the Arctic

By Michael Aw

Elysium (Medium)

Elysium Artists for the Arctic draws upon the world’s finest artists and scientists to reveal the stunning panoramas, flora and fauna of the northern polar region like no one has seen before. Regarded as one of the most enchanting wilderness regions of our planet, this region is being severely threatened by global warming. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the images of the Elysium’s artists will change our attitude towards climate change, engender change in the way we live, and most of all, inspire greater love for our natural world. | SGD210

Elysium Shackleton Antarctic Visual Epic | SGD100


Face To Face – Up Close With Mother Nature

By Al Hornsby

al hornsby book (Medium)

Unique, insightful, exciting. Face to Face is the result of Al Hornsby’s lifelong fascination with wildlife and animal behaviours, and of over 40 years’ work as a professional photographer and writer specialising in the underwater world, travel and Nature.

Al Hornsby takes readers around the world, from the Americas to Africa and Asia, through his camera lens. This stunning publication is peppered with extraordinary firsthand accounts of encounters with animals that are feared, revered, and often misunderstood. These are the kinds of meetings and communions that most people can only dream about, made possible by Al’s special relationship with the natural world. Get closer to Nature than you ever thought possible. | SGD84


Sea World

By Richard Meng

27124-海洋精灵视界FM copy

The book Sea World (海洋精灵视界) is presented to the Chinese readers with not only a collection of Richard Meng’s 15 years’ marine photographic works, but also a combination of marine knowledge and his personal experiences/stories while taking these photos.  It is said to be the first book on diversity of marine life, written and photographed by a genuine mainland Chinese scuba diver and underwater photographer.| SGD25     


Diving Into The Green

By Kelvin Pung

diving into the green (Medium)

Kelvin Pung highlights the marine life at Pulau Hantu, Singapore, through 48 pages of stunning images. Aimed at both divers and non-divers, Diving into the Green is a vibrant coffee-table book showcasing what we see in local Singapore waters.​ | SGD48.50


Indonesia Dive Directory

Presented by Cipto Aji Gunawan
Published by Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA

indo dive t
ogether (Medium)

An illustrated guide to 500 dive sites in the diving paradise that is Indonesia.
With maps and detailed information about marine life, it also presents Indonesia’s new Dive Site Classification system, which indicates training levels, equipment and guide requirements for each site.
This book comes with a free digital version so you can pack light when you head off to dive Indonesia. | SGD55


Dive The Big Blue: A Historical Affair Vol. 2

Presented by Leslie Leaney
Published by ASIAN DIVER

history books (Medium)

These enlightening, limited edition coffee-table books take you back through diving’s fascinating timeline. With stunning artwork and photography, they explore the milestones, personalities, events and equipment that have brought us, as divers, to where we are today. | SGD120


A series of books by Arief Yudo Wibowo, Hendra Tan & Jilmi Astina Anif

The Underwater Realm of Manado Bay

Manado Bay Cover (Medium)

In this new coffee-table publication by the husband-and-wife team of Arief Yudo Wibowo and Jilmi Astina Anif, two accomplished divers present an aesthetic experience of beauty and surprise, capturing with their cameras the unspoiled wonders of the shallow bay off Manado, one of the nothernmost cities of the archipelago. | SGD53

The Underwater Realm of Weh Island

Weh Island (Medium)

Weh Island in northwestern Indonesia is the gateway to the country’s natural underwater beauty. Your definitive guide to diving Weh Island, this book features amazing pictures taken by professional underwater photographers, and includes valuable tips and information to maximise your experience of the island. | SGD53


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