Taking the “3some” to a whole new level!

We bring you a massive evolution of underwater3some: Underwater360 (www.uw360.asia) – a new umbrella group that represents every major pillar of diving in Asia Pacific, including:

  • Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA magazine
  • Asian Diver magazine
  • ADEX Singapore
  • ADEX China
  • Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET magazine
  • The Diveaholics Community
  • Scuba360 Corporate Membership Community
  • Scuba360 Business Forum at ADEX
  • Scuba360 – the first trade magazine for the dive industry in Asia!

Clearly, we’re reaching out to the whole world of diving, taking an innovative 360-degree approach. From consumers to businesses, NGOs and more, we realised we’re taking the lead and serving the whole “scuba-verse” in ways that have never been seen in the region before. And we plan on doing even more in 2016! So obviously, we needed a new way to represent our ever-evolving scope.

Underwater360 is now officially the proud home of our world-leading media publications and events, supporting the region’s dive industry in every way possible!

We are entering the New Year with an exciting, fresh new branding that better represents our all-encompassing approach to scuba diving. Come and join us at www.uw360.asia!

Happy New Year!