Peter Schmitt’s vast technical and economical knowledge in the field of High-Pressure Compressors, Laser and CNG makes him one of the most sought after consultants in the past decade.

Photo courtesy of Peter Schmitt

After an intense education and Master Degree in Technical Engineering, Peter started in the Laser Technology business, where he sold and installed the first five axis Laser Systems in Germany and Japan.

In 1993 he joined Bauer Compressors in Munich. As Managing Director Asia for 10 years, he successfully opened and ran offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Peter started his own business with L&W and Safe CNG in 2003 and has worked relentlessly in advocating the use of CNG and LNG in the Asia Pacific region.

From 1996 onwards, designated by the Singapore government, he built up a successful CNG Business in the region and has built the first and the two biggest CNG Stations in Singapore, as well as in Lagos, Nigeria, Indonesia and Thailand and Pakistan.

He provided consultancy service to SMART Taxis, SembGas and Gas Supply and Jurong Shipyard to name a few.

Since 2004 he has become the owner and Managing Director of L&W Compressors + Systems Pte Ltd with offices in Singapore and Shanghai.

Peter has participated in ADEX for the past 25 years as an exhibitor.

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