A leading scuba equipment manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan, Problue was founded in 1994 by Lai Jinliang as Yuan Liang Trading, a diving equipment trading company helping foreign diving equipment manufacturers to set up factories producing the latest diving equipment for dive enthusiasts in Taiwan.

A former banker, Lai left his job at the bank to follow his fulfill his dreams of entrepreneurship. Determined to create his own niche, Lai leveraged on Taiwan’s advanced industrial base and started producing his own brand of wetsuits within five years, become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wetsuits. After establishing his own research and development design team, Lai launched Problue, its international renowned scuba equipment line 14 years ago, transforming the company into one of the leading manufacturers of diving equipment in the world. Problue produces a diverse array of equipment such as wetsuits, winter jackets, diving shows, frog mirrors, flippers, diving vests, breathing gas cylinders, dive torches and diving knives.

With its dedication to research and development, Problue continues to revolutionalise the dive industry with innovative patented creations such as the Problue scissor diving knife – a diving knife combined with a scissors which allows the user to quickly cut off abandoned fishing nets or wires caught on the diver’s body.

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