Seahorses are easily stressed and it is crucial that we keep our impact to a minimum, and not add to the stress they endure naturally, by adopting a best practice approach to diving with them. Only by doing this can we help not only the conservation of the seahorse, but also the habitat in which they, and so many other vulnerable species, are found.

Seahorses are protected in various countries around the world, so check out the local laws and regulations if you want to see them, and importantly, find a good local guide who knows the area and can help you find them.

The following guidelines have been put together to make sure that seahorses stay safe, and that you as a diver can get the best out of your experience.




BBB coverThis article, by marine biologist Neil Garrick-Maidment, originally featured in Asian Diver’s “The Big Blue Book”. Find out more about Neil’s work and career here.