Into the Old World, through the rolling lands of Romanticism, revolution and conquest. Europe has a vast and celebrated history that not only still stands on hillsides and in its cobblestone streets, but under its coastal waters and deep in its lakes.


From the clear blue Azores, to the sunken Roman city of Naples, as the continent has thrived, developed and fallen to war – the underwater world has laid almost untouched.


Fin-kick through the world’s greatest sub-aqua canyon in the ice-clear water of Silfra, or descend through the Blue Hole into the warm waters of Gozo. This fairy-tale world has captured the imagination of grand pioneers and radicals, and paved the way for its own epic poetic narrative.


A Foggy Day In Scotland © Richard Shucksmith

A Foggy Day In Scotland

UK: Morus Bassanus Islands, Scotland 

By Richard Shucksmith 


Bouncing around in a small inflatable boat, I was heading to one of the most remote coastal cliffs in Shetland, and I was starting to feel a little nervous. As I ploughed through a wave, a wall of spray hit me in the face, leaving me squinting to see the shoreline. Weighted down by 150 kilograms of mackerel, camera gear and dive kit, and the fact that thick fog was making navigating around the headlands difficult, I started to question my sanity. It was a gamble, as the forecast was for the fog to clear.


Then, my feeling of hopelessness passed as I sensed it was getting brighter. A faded sun could be made out through the white filter of fog, and suddenly I could see more of the cliffs and more importantly I started to see gannets. Within 10 minutes, the fog was halfway up the cliffs and it
was much brighter.

Right on cue, a great swirling mass of gannets started circling the boat. I threw a mackerel into the water and within seconds, the gannets were diving.
It quickly turned into a feeding frenzy, with wings hitting me in the face as I tried to capture the raw emotion. All the anxiety was forgotten and the fog proved to be a blessing more than a hindrance. Filtering the sun to create bright white light, it protected the image from the harsh direct midday sun. One hour later, a card full of images and 150 kilograms of mackerel lighter, I headed back with not a worry in the world.

When: April 2016

Equipment: Nikon D4, 15mm fisheye, Nauticam housing, dual Inon Z-240 strobes

Settings: f/13, 1/250s, ISO400

Above And Below © Tobias Friedrich

Above And Below 

Greenland: Near Kulusuk and Tasiilaq 

By Tobias Friedrich 

An iceberg above and below the waterline dwarfs a diver. In this cold sub-aqua world, some rare and very strange creatures reside in some of the most extreme locations on this ocean planet.

When: August 2015

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark 11

Settings: f/22, 1/80s, ISO100

Playful Grey Seals © Ellen Cuylaerts

Playful Grey Seals

UK: Farne Islands, England

By Ellen Cuylaerts 

Grey seals, playful as ever, great photographers in the waters of Farne Islands. Grey seals spend around 80 percent of their time underwater.

When: November 2015

Equipment: Nikon D800, 16mm lens, Subal housing, dual Light & Motion Sola 3000 lights

Settings: f/7.1, 1/200s, ISO800

The Wreck Of A Douglas © Rico Besserdich

The Wreck Of A Douglas 

Turkey: Kas, Antalya

By Rico Besserdich

The wreck of a Douglas “Dakota” C-47 aircraft, which served for decades in the Turkish Airforce, and after its retirement was sunk in the waters of the town of Kas, as part of an artificial reef projects.

When: September 2011

Equipment: Canon EOS 40D, 10-20mm lens 10mm, Ikelite housing, natural light

Settings: f/8, 1/160s, ISO800

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