Hans (1919 – 2013) & Lotte (1928 – 1915) Hass

Known mainly for being among the first scientists to popularise coral reefs, stingrays and sharks, Hans pioneered the making of underwater documentaries and led the development of an underwater breathing apparatus, an early oxygen rebreather. With more than 25 published books, over 60 television productions and four films – he is undoubtedly a legend in the world of underwater image making. His second wife, Lotte is a legend in her own right. One of the first female underwater photographers, her underwater images were published before she joined Hass on his expeditions and formed one of the most famous partnerships in the world of diving.


Documenting reefs, stingrays and sharks

First underwater photograph



1950, Red Sea. Hans’ photograph of a whale shark with a diver in the background on his second Red Sea expedition © The Hans Hass Institute

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