One of the most important components of any underwater photographer’s set up, underwater strobes are the bassist of the band – not the stand out act, but you’ll sure notice if they’re not involved. They can reduce that awful backscatter that hinders any ocean backdrop, and they can allow the photographer to play around with different lighting options. After getting hold of a reliable underwater housing, strobes should be your next purchase. We suggest nine of the best:

Ikelite Gamma Lightdownload (1)


  • 400ft (120m) depth rating
  • 350 lumen concentrated 10° beam
  • Colour temperature 6,500K
  • Over 10 hours run time
  • Accepts 2 CR123 batteries
  • Weighs only 4 oz (113 g)

Aqualite Pro 100download (2)


  • Four power settings, SOS feature
  • Smooth wide-angle beam
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Waterproof to 150 metres
  • Includes three photo accessory mounts, one rechargeable lithium ion battery, USB charge cable and wall adapter

Sea&Sea YS-D2 Strobesdownload (3)


  • Improved recycle time (1.5 seconds with Ni-Mh batteries)
  • Redesigned control knobs; unlike YS-D1, the knobs won’t be moved easily when adjusting strobe position
  • Dual powered target light with red filters
  • Brightly-lit rear control panel – great for night dives and low-light scenes

Sea Dragon 1500 Photo/Video Lightdownload (4)


  • Colour temperature of 5,700K
  • 1,500 lumens
  • Wide 120° beam angle
  • One button control for easy operation
  • Three brightness levels: 100%, 50%, 25%
  • 70 minute burn time at full power and constant brightness
  • Includes Flex-Connect Micro Tray and grip
  • Depth tested to 60 metres

Fantasea Radiant Pro 2500 Video Lightfantasea_line_6047_radiant_pro_2500_video_1178365


  • Offers a range of operating modes (wide bright light, narrow bright light, ultraviolet and blue, red, bright flashing, and red flashing)
  • 2,500 lumens maximum
  • 100-metre depth rating
  • 120-degree beam angle on wide, and 15 degree narrow
  • Overall weight: 367g (without batteries)
  • Burn time of 50 minutes (on high power)

Fix Neo Aquavolt Mini 5000 Lightdownload (5)


  • 5,000 lumens maximum, 100-degree beam angle
  • Burn time of 55 minutes (on high power)
  • Overall weight: 565g, 150-metre depth rating
  • Li-ion battery system

Fix Neo Premium 2200 DX Video LightFIX-Neo-Premium-2200-DX


  • Colour rendering index (CRI) of 95 and colour temperature of 4,000K for sharper images and more natural-looking hues
  • 2,200 lumens maximum, 100-degree beam angle
  • Burn time of 55 minutes
  • Overall weight: 355g, 100-metre depth rating
  • Li-ion battery system

Keldan Video 8X Lightna-kel-764


  • 10,000 lumens maximum, soft 110-degree beam angle
  • Burn time of 45 to 170 minutes
  • Overall weight: 700g (220g in water)
  • Uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
  • Features an eight-stage charge level display so you can monitor battery life while charging/diving

Seawolf Expedition EX2260 Video LightSeawolf_00128


  • Lightweight option next to the SeaWolf 2260
  • Neutrally buoyant in seawater, made from carbon fibre and 6082 aluminium
  • 22,000 lumens maximum
  • Burn time of up to six hours (depending on power and usage)
  • Three power switch settings
  • Built-in thermal cut out, two-stage battery isolation switch

This article featured in Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA (Issue 1/2016)