We’re excited to announce that at the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) Singapore 2016, top freedivers Dada Li, Christian Redl and Pepe Arcos will be our guest speakers on the main stage. 

Hae-Nyeo divers from Jeju Island will also be coming down to showcase their freediving skills!  

Also, get the chance to try freediving with our local freedivers from Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF)!


Dada Li

Dada Li 2


A girl who got hooked on the feeling of freedom, ever since her first free dive in the crystal blue ocean made her believe she was a mermaid once upon a time. With this belief, she practiced almost every single day, making her own tail to become her mermaid dream. Her name is Dada Li. She has been wandering within the blue, advancing to become an underwater model, as well as an AIDA international Freediving Instructor and Judge.



Christian Redl

Christian RedlKnown as the Iceman, Redl is considered to be one of the foremost freediving specialists of his generation. He holds several world freediving records, the most impressive being the longest-ever swim under ice (100 metres), although his crossing of several underwater caves in Mexico cannot be forgotten. This Edox ambassador is also a freediving instructor (level 3), instructor-trainer and is involved with SSF’s new programme, looking at standards, course outlines and materials.



Pepe Arcos

Pepe Arcos

Arcos is a devoted freediver instructor and underwater filmmaker. As well as winning the Spanish Championship title, he has achieved various national records in freediving. He has also competed in international events such as the European and World Championships.





Jeju Island Hae-Nyeo Divers


For the first time, catch the remarkable Hae-Nyeo divers at ADEX 2016! They will be showcasing their breath-hold skills for everyone to witness at the ADEX dive tank!

Hear their amazing stories from YZin Kim, who will be speaking at the Main Stage while they freedive, and find out how these Hae-Nyeo divers go about day by day at Jeju Island!



Try Freediving with SUF (Singapore Underwater Federation) with

Chris Kim




Chris’ love of freediving began a decade ago with an encounter with humpback whales off of Kona, Hawaii. Since then he has been obsessed with becoming an ocean inhabitant and teaching others about the calm, full-body meditation that is freediving. In his own words, “Freediving is not a sport as much as a perspective, an experience and a way of life.” 




Michelle Ooi




Michelle started freediving 5 years ago in Australia and feel in love with the feeling of being underwater with minimal gear. She has since made it her life’s mission to freedive with as many marine creatures in as many places as possible and to help others experience the sport that changed her life.





Jonathan Chong




A 13-time national record holder, Jonathan first began his freediving journey in Australia with some of the region’s best. By March 2014, he held all 6 South-East Asian records and in 2015, came out top against the SEA’s top contenders in a regional freediving competition, the Malaysian Nationals.





For more information on ADEX, please visit www.adex.asia.