The Divers Alert Network (DAN) highlight the importance of monitoring air supply

Running out of air is the most common trigger for diving accidents. It seems like a no-brainer, but several factors can affect consumption rate. Be air aware: Monitor your air supply.

Incorporate gas supply into your dive planning. You can only stay under as long as you have enough gas remaining for a safe ascent. Don’t forget to save some gas for flotation. Good rules of thumb for turnaround limits are when you have used:

Check your gauge regularly.

Be aware that exertion, like when swimming in strong currents and depth will affect your air consumption.

Anxiety or stress can also affect air consumption. Try to maintain normal breathing, but if you do feel anxious, keep a closer eye on your gas supplies; It may dwindle more rapidly than usual.

This is an easily avoidable mistake that carries serious repercussions.

Safety content provided by the Divers Alert Network

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