The sea sponge is one of the world’s simplest multi-cellular living organisms. They have been present on Earth for around 500 million years. There are over 5,000 identified species – 200 of which can be found in fresh water.

The ancient Greeks referred to these bizarre creatures as “Zoofitan” – a unique category of marine species – literally meaning an organism that is “half plant, half animal”.  For, even to this day, they are often mistaken as corals or plants; lacking the features we commonly associate with living animals, such as brains and hearts. Despite their seemingly uninteresting appearance, sponges are actually vital, dynamic, fascinating creatures.

Instead of a morphology we recognise from other members of the kingdom Animalia, the bodies of sponges are made up of two tough outer layers with a “jellylike” layer between them, called “mesohyl”. From this simple structure, sponges grow into myriad shapes, sizes, colours and textures. However, they all share some incredible characteristics…

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You can find sea sponges on every healthy dive site you visit. From little tube and encrusting sponges, to massive barrels, these benthic organisms are ubiquitous! There is a colony of enormous sponges off the coast of Canada. These Aphrocallistes vastus live in shallow water, and have grown to around three-and-a-half metres long, and more than a metre tall!

Scientists exploring the deep sea in the Papahãnaumokuãkea marine park have found the largest sponge ever recorded. Quoted as being “about the size of a minivan”, the creature is more than two metres long and over three-and-a-half metres wide, and lives at around 2,100 metres. There is some speculation that this could be the oldest creature on the planet.

Best Places To Dive:

  • Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  • Banda Sea, Maluku, Indonesia
  • Cebu, Philippines
  • Puerto Galera, Philippines

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