Imran Ahmad is one of Asia’s most celebrated and internationally published underwater photographer. He has been capturing the magnificence of life both below and above the waves for over 20 years. His style is different from anything seen. He is known for his experimental photography with light and motion. Imran graduated from Middlesex University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Making. He is an ambassador for SEACAM, Blancpain Ocean Commitment, RGB Lights (Japan), Deepblu, and a member of the Ocean Artist Society. He spends much of his time as a professional photographer giving presentations, promoting photography in all its aspect, both as an art and documentation. He lives out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with wife and daughter, Izabell, all the while running various photography workshops around the world.

What made you want to become an underwater photographer?
A childhood dream and the idea that i could change the way people see and react to OUR ocean. To inspire, to educate and to excite my audience.
Your first underwater shot?
I’m not going to lie to you. It was so horrible and i drowned my Dad’s SLR, but it did not undermine my motivation. I did take a whooping from him but it was a stepping stone for me. I believe, you can learn from anybody and everybody. So I focused on what is important and tried to create my own style of underwater photography.
The story behind your most memorable underwater shot?
I’ve been blessed to photograph so many beautiful places, so much marine life and so many people. However, one of the most memorable moments for me was photographing Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles. A place where the wildest and most beautiful wildlife come together. And of course, I cannot forget photographing my two months old daughter in the water similar to the “Nirvana” shot.
Where is your favourite dive destination?
It feels so natural when I’m in the ocean. When photographing underwater, Asia is where my heart is. From Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, to Brunei. We have the best dives filled with reefs on steroids, as well as massive schools of fishes and a rich diversity of marine life. A place I call my home.
The site you’d most like to dive, but never have?
Hmmm… I’ve heard there are some very interesting sites in Russia but I’m still doing my homework. 
The weirdest thing you’ve seen underwater?
Hahahhah… when I see too many human beings in the water with bad buoyancy. 
What camera equipment are you currently using?
I’m blessed with a full SEACAM System, Nikon D5 / D4/ D3 DSLR with RGBlue lights, DeepBlu Cosmiq and SeaGods Wetsuit.
What is the highlight of your career?
Being able to help upcoming/ aspiring photographers, guiding them with new techniques and of course, sharing ideas and concepts with people.
… And the low point?
Pushing so hard to change perspectives and encouraging new ideas. Seeing how so much can change but it will not, or it will take more time as people are not yet ready to embrace change and new techniques.
Any advice that you’d like to give to aspiring underwater photographers?
The best shots are mostly thought through and it’s never just luck. Practice and learning how to anticipate are essential. Never be shy to ask a question, try different techniques and always respect your subject however big or small they are.
Is there any particular shot that you still want to get?
I’m simple, whatever god or whatever my clients throw at me. i photograph it with my heart and bring the best out of it. I believe in making the ordinary, extraordinary

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