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"Andrew has taken numerous awards and first place finishes at major competitions for both his photography and art above and below the waves." © Andrew Marriott

Underwater Photographer of the Month: Andrew Marriott

Andrew is a long time diver, photographer and writer. Originally from the USA he found the ocean and diving almost 20 years ago while working in the world of financial derivatives. After a move to Guam he devoted himself full time to the ocean, helping many new divers fall in love with the water while working as an instructor and enthusiastic underwater photographer.

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Two divers explore the Yonaguni Monument © Wikimedia Commons

6 Underwater Monuments

Mysterious and forbidding, these underwater cities have laid, mostly intact, under the sea for 50 years to more than a century. Regardless of how old they are, they are significant archaeological findings that give us a rare glimpse of how things used to be.

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