IFDI offers something totally new – the first real online logbook service for divers, which, with its neutral structure, can be digitally signed by all instructors worldwide, regardless of their organisation. With its system of authentication and recognised authority, IFDI already has members in over 30 countries, despite being relatively new. The instructors are all legitimate – they must submit a copy of their ID and instructor diploma (which IFDI review), before gaining access to the ability to sign the IFDI logbook for each diver. The digital signature of the instructor on the IFDI logbook includes the instructor’s name, the organisation name, and the instructor’s number for references – the same principle as a stamp in your paper log book. IFDI also offers free online learning and low cost certifications. With a host of opportunities, to both meet new divers and enhance your diving experience, this brand new service is aiming to revolutionise the diving industry.



IFDI offers the first three rows for free; this allows the diver to test out the service before fully committing. The divers can get their logbook at: https://www.ifdi.info/Divers.php.You may get more info about IFDI at: www.ifdi.info

Interview with the founder, Olivier Dauxais:

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? 
I was born in France. I am now 47 years old. I have been a diver since I was 13 years old, and a professional diving instructor since I was 20 years old. I became the first instructor to be awarded the diploma of recognition for excellence by PADI. In parallel with IFDI, I’m still a active diving instructor, teaching here and there in the Maldives.
What does this platform offer to dive instructors and divers?
Like any diving organisation, the IFDI platform offers to instructors a pedagogic support and a registration service for the divers’ certifications. The IFDI platform offers to new scuba divers a free of charge online learning for the theoretical part, a quick access to their registered certification, and an online diving logbook. Due to the fact that IFDI regroups all instructors, IFDI became the first organisation that offers a real service of online diving logbooks that can be digitally signed by all the instructors in the world.
Was there anything in particular that made you want to start this?
Well, there are many reasons that have pushed me to create IFDI, but the main reason was my wish for the diving instructors to regain their freedom in order to be able to teach diving outside the brand that has delivered their diploma of instructors. Indeed, the diploma of the diving instructors is only valid within their native organisation, with each organisation rejecting the instructors from another. It’s an obvious commercial strategy… But, is it really fair? For example, do mechanics get their diploma only valid within the brand of a car? Of course not, they can work in any garage regardless of the brand. I guess that IFDI is the fruit of my personality: freedom and fairness are among the values that I stand for.
Have you had to get ‘licensed’ in some way?
I have a diploma of professional diving instructor. I also have the “PADI IDC staff” diploma. I refused to go for the “PADI Course Director” diploma, because I refused to chain myself to them as requested by their procedure. Here again, my love for freedom, fairness and independence was more important.
Does this put you into competition with the big brands like PADI?
Yes. The funny part is that some of my members at IFDI are working at the headquarter of PADI. I guess that it’s a way to “spy” IFDI.
Have you found success so far?
Yes. I am happy (and proud) of only receiving compliments from my users. IFDI simply needs to be more known… Besides, the word of mouth is gradually spreading.
What have the main challenges been?
My main challenge was learning the coding language such as HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL in order to create the IFDI platform. I could have used technicians but I like to be a part of and master all the things that I create.
Where do you see the platform going in the future?
Well… Much further than my own life… And I’ll have to find another “captain” for IFDI, one day… But no rush, I’m not so old yet.


Olivier Dauxais, born in 1970, has been a diver since 1983 and a professional diving instructor since 1990. Just three years after qualifying as a diving instructor, he became the first instructor to be awarded the diploma of recognition for excellence by PADI. He has more than 25 years of experience in instructing divers, and has logged more than 10,000 dives. 

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