Founded by Wolfgang Lenhardt and Bernd Wagner, Lenhardt & Wagner was established in 1975 as a developer and manufacturer of exhaust systems and optimiser of motorcycle engines. Currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of breathing air compressors, pressurised air cylinders for diving and other high-pressure applications, L&W started to supply high pressure compressors in 1980. Over the last thirty years, L&W has established a worldwide network of L&W agencies and service centres to ensure the steady growth of the company.

Solid Growth

During the last three decades, L&W’s investment in research and development has consistently widened the range of L&W products and created new markets for the company. This investment in R&D and optimisation of its product range, coupled with strong partnerships with their importer partners has led to L&W’s strong continued growth.

After ending its production of exhaust systems in 1997, L&W switched its focus entirely to high-pressure applications. In 2014, L&W introduces the next generation of silenced compressors – the LW 450 ES II – which is armed with a newly developed condensate system that significantly improves the life of the filter. The new ES Series II is included as the standard condensate collection tank. In 2015, the new and ultralight MC Series, one of the world’s most powerful mobile breathing air compressor, is presented at BOOT 2015 with a capacity of 400 litre per minute. The newly developed compressor block is a culmination of L&W’s 30 years of experience and has been built to be almost antimagnetic. In 2016, the advanced compressor series LW 450 III and LW 570 II are released. The roll out of a new industry-proven lubrication system and reinforced components form the core of the new compressor blocks, improving the life of the compressors even under the most difficult conditions. In 2017, the new mobile and stationary PURACON systems for breathing air monitoring are brought to market. In addition to being able to check for water content, the PURACON systems can also check the value of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels and oil in the compressed air. This marks the first time that users can monitor all required limits according to the European standard for breathing air (EN 12021:2014).

The L&W advanced compressor series LW 450 III

In addition to Breathing Air Compressors and related peripheral equipment, L&W offers storage and filter for the necessary high-pressure which is required for natural gas filling stations. L&W also specialises in industrial applications for high-pressure inert gases such as argon, helium or nitrogen for use in welding and laser cutting in addition to general laboratory use.

The balanced growth of L&W is based on long-term and strategic planning and the continued expansion of its customer base in the Asian and American market.

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