Singapore, March 2016: Champion freediver Christian Redl set a world record after plunging under a frozen Austrian alpine lake on Friday February 26, 2016 – and boutique Swiss watchmaker Edox was with him every bone-chilling step of the way.

Pages from Edox Iceman Challenge_Mar 2016_SG-5Perfect timing was critical in the “Iceman’s” successful attempt to free swim – that is without an oxygen tank – 200 metres under the ice of Lake Weissensee, high in the Austrian Alps.

Redl’s 2mm-thick Neoprene wetsuit insulated him from the numbing cold of 2°C water but his Edox Chronoffshore-1, a watch engineered to withstand the most extreme of conditions, played a pivotal role as he swam in the gloom under the ice.

Water-resistant to 500m, the Edox Chronoffshore-1 collection, at 45mm in diameter, is a striking series of modern diver’s watches made for nautical champions. Edox Chronoffshore-1 watches are characterised by black ceramic bezels with slick, modern dials that are highly legible underwater. The extra-thick 3mm sapphire crystal gives the Edox Chronoffshore-1 watches an added layer of “toughness” that ensures no matter how difficult the environment the watches will still function perfectly.

Redl’s ice dive was a dangerous undertaking (rescue crews were close at hand in case anything went wrong) but it was exactly the type of cutting edge adventure the 40-year-old Austrian and the Les Genevez-based Edox have relished since they teamed up in 2010.

Redl’s free dives to all corners of the world, including a world-first plunge under the North Pole, are the ultimate test for man and timepiece. The Edox Chronoffshore-1 proved the perfect working tool for the Iceman in his toughest challenge yet.

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The Edox Chronoffshore-1 Big Date Chronograph features a “big date” window at 12 o’clock, with polished and distinctive details: a sturdy and sharply contoured case with a black ceramic bezel which is scratch-resistant and twice as hard as steel, and prominent chronograph buttons. These watches are driven by the Swiss Ronda movement, with carbon dials marked by a giant-sized “1”, as a stamp of Edox’s official timekeeper status for the Class-1 Powerboat Championships, widely regarded as the world’s most rugged and difficult ocean race. The case-backs of all Edox Chronoffshore-1 watches are embossed with a relief of the propeller that powers these super-boats of the Class-1 Powerboat Championships.

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The Edox Chronoffshore-1 Automatic Professional features the polished and distinctive details: a sturdy and sharply contoured case with a black ceramic bezel, and a dial with a giant-sized “1”. These watches are driven by the Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement and like all Edox Chronoffshore-1 watches, the case backs are embossed with a relief of the propeller of a Class-1 powerboat.

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Pages from Edox Iceman Challenge_Mar 2016_SG-4To reinforce its association with professional watersports, the case-backs of Edox Chronoffshore-1 watches are embossed with a relief of the propeller that powers Class-1 powerboats.


About Edox

Edox embodies over 130 years of innovation and Swiss watchmaking tradition. Edox is one of Switzerland’s fastest growing watch manufacturers for luxurious timepieces dedicated to the world of motorsports on land and water, but it also offers a stylish range for sophisticated watch aficionados.

The Edox story began back in 1884 with the founding of its first atelier in Switzerland. 132 years later, Edox’s timepieces are still inspired by tradition and know-how, but also innovative design and technical perfection. Aiming for a leading position among the top five Swiss watch brands in the segment, Edox’s existence has been studded with success and horological inventions. As early as the 1960s, Edox launched sports watches, some of which were water resistant to 500 metres and incorporated technical materials such as titanium, carbon and ceramics.

Since its beginnings, Edox has had a very clear vision of its growth and development thanks to its innovative ideas and ceaseless design research, while simultaneously maintaining the classic traditions of watchmaking know-how. Edox has thus become a benchmark brand in timekeeping for sports competitions. In Ancient Greek, Edox means measuring time. As the official watch partner of the Sauber F1 Team, Edox underlines the sporting values of the quest for performance, precision and pushing oneself to the limit.

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