ALIMATHA JETTY is a dive site located in Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives. The shallow sandbank near the jetty of one of its popular resorts is where most of the action happens. The average depth is 10 metres and the maximum is only 15 metres deep. To say the least, it’s a very easy dive for a massive return of being able to watch the exciting feeding frenzy of nurse sharks, blacktips, marble rays, jacks and more.

A truly intense dive the moment you hit the water (Photo by Eunjae Im)

One of the reasons for this dramatic site is the resort’s food disposal process. Its seafood restaurant cleans the fish for dinner on the jetty itself, dumping the guts into the sea, thus making the area an attractive dinner party for the marine life there.

Nurse sharks here aren't afraid of divers, rubbing up against your legs with apparent glee

Plunge in and get ready for an amazing show. The lights from the jetty illuminate the waters and with the many underwater torches creating an unusual atmosphere, the site is transformed. As soon as you submerge to about two metres, metre-long nurse sharks, large marble rays and giant trevallies freely swim all around you. They get so close, they sometimes brush past you. Keep calm on the seabed and enjoy
the show.

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