A well-executed ascent is crucial for a successful technical dive. Here are a few tips.

DON’T ascend at a speed faster than 9 metres per minute. If your decompression table has no deep stop built in, DO deduct 1 minute from your bottom time and plan for a 1-minute stop midway between the bottom and the first decompression stop required on the tables

DO add a further 1-minute stop at the level below the first required stop

DO open the valve on your decompression gas and deploy the regulator on ascent or at the stop below your planned switch depth

DO start breathing from your decompression gas immediately on arrival at your planned switch depth

DO add 1 minute or 25% of the required stop time (whichever is greater) to all stops between 18 metres and 6 metres

DON’T go directly to the surface on completion of your final required stop at 4.5 metres Instead, DO ascend to 3 metres and perform a 5-minute-stop there

Then, DO take 1 full minute to ascend from 3 metres to the surface

Finally, DO continue to breathe from your final deco gas on the surface and until you take your gear off

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