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Mermaid Festival

The ADEX sees a long term future in Mermaids & Tritons, and is holding it’s very first Mermaid Festival at the 2017 Shenzhen International Dive & watersport Expo.

In total, three Mermaid Schools will attend the festival:

  • Shenzhen Mermaids
  • Guangzhou Mermaids
  • Hongkong Mermaids

During the festival, the Organization will attempt to bring 200 Mermaids together, all with the objective to draw attention to the mythical creature that may just live in all of us – “Mermaids are real.”

The Festival will feature the following:

  • A Mermaid Pool in which the tails & flukes can be seen at work in their best way
  • A Mermaid Tank in which Mermaids will perform
  • A Mermaid Cove from which the Mermaids will present themselves

Special mention must be given to OA/MA. Ocean Alliance is an organisation that aims to promote the existing Ocean Conservation initiatives. Mermaid-Alliance is a global organisation that aims to promote Mermaids & Freedivers with the overall objective to take things to the next level. OA/MA plans to build fast moving pool facilities that can be used for demonstration/ interaction purposes.

Mermaid-Alliance will have four booths at the Shenzhen show and will organise the following:

  • A Mini cinema with creative UW Mermaid & Freediving footage
  • Mermaid hair, make up and body painting
  • Mermaid silicone tails & accessories
  • Ocean conservation promotion booth

The festival is part the Shenzhen International Dive and Water Sport Expo with programs for:

  • Freedive
  • Mermaid
  • Films/Imagies/Books
  • Music/Art/Science
  • Sailing/Surfing/SUP

Additionally, there will be a kids’ zone and an Ocean Gallery

The festival is organised by:

  • China: Dada Li – Owner and Founder of the Dada Mermaid (Shenzhen) Ocean Culture Ltd. Company and Co-organiser of the ADEX Shenzhen

Mermaid Challenge 

During it’s 2017 inaugural Mermaid Festival, ADEX is planning to hold a Mermaid Challenge. On Saturday 9th of September at 09:00hours, the Mermaid Challenge will commence. Mermaid persona, presentation and swimming skills are rated by judges.

It will be the first challenge of it’s kind in Asia. One of the elements of the challenge, the one that can go so horribly wrong if one gets nervous, is to blow a kiss underwater…. Who will be the best, who will be the most comfortable, who has the most natural water connection? And lastly, who will be the most photogenic, and aesthetically attractive and appealing?

See you at ADEX Shenzhen!

A 40foot dive tank allows the Mermaids to compete, and the public is encouraged to participate and cheer for their favorite mermaid.

A panel of judges, both Mermaids & Tritons, will review the performances, but ONLY after going through the test themselves and showing how it is done!

Mermaid Alliance, with representatives on every continent in the world, will produce a video which will be shown the next day, on Sunday 10th of September.

Be on time to see both the judges and the contenders in action.

The judges are

  • China: Dada Li – Owner and Founder of the Dada Mermaid (Shenzhen) Ocean Culture Ltd. Company and Co-organizer of the ADEX Shenzhen
  • Spain: Pepe Arcos – Photographer, Filmmaker, Freediver
  • USA: Mariah. She is a PADI Dive master, Certified Freediver, Professional Mermaid and the 2017/2018 Mermaid Ambassador for Mermaid Alliance
  • Czech Republic: Alena. She is the current CMAS World Champion Freediving (Constant weight, no Fins) and the 20107/2018 Freediving Ambassador for Mermaid Alliance
  • Brazil: Thais. She is an IMSIA certified Mermaid Instructor and has her own Mermaid School in Brazil, she is one of the partners in Mermaid Alliance

Want to be part of ADEX China 2017 Shenzhen Mermaid Festival and Challenge? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

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