It was a night filled with interesting stories, people, and of course, drinks! Packing the Skyline Club and Lounge, over 100 divers from all over gathered together with their 1-for-1 house pours and Heinekens to hear the exciting and insightful presentations of our speakers – Aaron Wong, Jonathan Lin, and William Tan.

Widely recognised underwater photographer, Aaron Wong, kicked off the night with an intriguing presentation of his dive at Truk lagoon, French Polynesia, and Fiji. Sharing his stunning images of sunken wrecks and majestic sharks, he captivated the audience with stories of diving through pitch-black passageways, swimming along a wall of sharks, and hand-feeding nurse and bull sharks.

Guest speaker, Aaron Wong, captivating the audience with his stories

Next, we had long-time diver and established underwater photographer, Jonathan Lin, who shared his passion for macro photography, accompanied with fascinating shots of alien-like critters. The audience had a close-up look at a plethora of micro marine life such as parasites, hatching cuttlefish, and the elusive bobbit worm, all of which were taken from his dives in Manado and Lembeh – places that he fondly refers to as his second home!

Guest speaker, Jonathan Lin, sharing his passion for critters and macro photography

The night took an interesting turn as William Tan took over the stage – a highly respected professional in the industry who is regularly employed as a judge at underwater photography competitions. He shared his vast knowledge and experience with the audience, passing on tips and tricks to aspiring photographers, and elaborating on the very tricky pursuit of blackwater photography. To conclude his speech, he touched on the ethics of underwater photography, reminding us all to be aware of the impact our photographs have on the public’s perception of the marine world.

Guest speaker, William Tan, shared his expertise in underwater photography

Our CEO, John Thet, concluded the talks by sharing some important information on the upcoming ADEX China 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

The night drew to a close with the highly anticipated lucky draw. With prizes ranging from the DiveSilver Diver Helmet Pendant to a seven-night accommodation and five-day diving package with Sam’s Tour Palau, the audience was kept on their toes as the drawn numbers were announced. Congratulations to all our lucky winners!

The lucky grand prize winner

We’d like to thank our speakers, VIP guests, and everyone who came down for the evening. See you in October for the next Diver’s party!

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