One of the first moves made under Executive Director Dallas Edmiston is an organizational transformation within NAUI Headquarters, which will see the establishment of Marketing, Communications, Outreach and Operations department. This new initiative is designed to improve the reach and awareness of NAUI training and education not only among NAUI members, but to the general public. Additionally, this department will have the responsibility for management of NAUI’s international operations and communications.

“I promised that one of my top priorities as Executive Director would be the creation of an expert driven marketing and communications team,” said Edmiston. “I think we now have a team in place that can help the membership move NAUI to the next level in this critical area.”

Assuming the role as Director of this department will be Derik Crofts, NAUI 10943. He will be joined by Angela (Angie) Cowan, NAUI 53628, as the Communications Coordinator, and Christy Wideman, as the Communications Associate

“We’ve put together a strong and experienced team of communicators,” concluded Edmiston. ” I’m excited about what they all bring to the table and what, together, they will be able to do for NAUI.”



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