Taking dive experiences to a new level, the world’s fastest multi-functional water sled has finally entered the world of diving. A state-of-the-art and sophisticated lifestyle product that promises outstanding fun, with the option to push diving limits, it’s able to operate at depths of up to 40 metres. Due to minimal effort used by divers, resulting in lower oxygen consumption, adventure-seekers can enjoy the thrills of diving for longer.

The equipment offers a variety of power systems that allow responsible drivers to either glide along at a relaxed pace in a low gear – slowing down to peep under corals – or the chance to speed up to keep up with those mantas in strong currents. We’re excited to announce SEABOB has officially entered the industry.


Press Release

By connecting technological innovation with award winning design made in Germany, the SEABOB fascinates worldwide audiences with its incomparable performance. An increasing number of professional and freedivers favour the SEABOB as their diving scooter and are convinced of its unparalleled hydrodynamic achievements – one of many reasons for Cayago AG to present the SEABOB at some of the world’s largest diving fayres. In its first major introduction to the international diving market, CAYAGO AG is planning to unveil the SEABOB at the 2016 DEMA show in Las Vegas, November 16th through to the 19th.


World renowned diving and Apnoe experts, as well as a variety of specialised media, confirm the brilliant diving abilities of the SEABOB. It enables diving to an approved depth of up to 40 metres, all the while conserving the riders’ energy output. Due to minimal effort used by divers, resulting in lower oxygen consumption, adventure-seekers can enjoy the thrills of diving for better and longer. Additionally, multiple settings on the SEABOB grant significant expansion of a traditional diving radius, and the further advancement into unknown territories.

Thanks to the emission-free and extremely quiet worldwide patented E-jet power system, divers can enjoy exploring their surroundings while remaining especially eco-friendly. The power for the drive mechanism is provided by highly efficient lithium-manganese accumulators. High-quality components made of carbon, special ceramic coatings, and saltwater-resistant precious metals contribute to its lightweight design. The newest models, SEABOB F5 and F5 S weigh in at just 29 kilograms and 34 kilograms, respectively. By using simple and intuitive handling via two control grips with Piezo buttons, and a TFT colour display on the mini dashboard, one can start cruising through the underwater world immediately. Optimal handling and performance underwater, and lightweight transportation above the water truly makes the SEABOB one of a kind.



Founded in 2007, CAYAGO AG is the technology specialist for the development and production of exclusive and innovative water sport vehicles with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. In the production facility located in Bad Salzuflen, the world’s fastest water sled is manufactured with the highest level of precision: SEABOB – a high-performance sea toy made in Germany. The SEABOB was developed in line with the brand’s claim “LUXURY SEATOYS,” to satisfy customers highest demands. True to the company’s philosophy “High-Performance Technology,” quality products are continually being developed further with innovation and great passion to fulfill the highest demands placed upon technology and design.

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