For two magical months over September and October 2016, Arumdalu Private Beach Resort will create a stunning, temporary accommodation project called Imabari Villa.

This delightful new concept is formed from the international collaboration between the remote Indonesian island beach resort, Arumdalu, and the Maruei Imabari Towel Company, one of the best towel producers in Japan. A chance encounter in London led to the discovery of not only the similarities between their island homes of Belitung Island in Indonesia and Imabari Island in Japan, but also their mutual visions in creating luxury experiences married with ecological concerns. From this was born a new limited-edition room, combining the soul of the two distinct cultures to present the “5 Senses Imabari Villa” – a united concept focused on experience.

Through the sensual moments of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell, guests are invited to enjoy the luxurious Japanese Imabari experience yet in the same time embrace the depth of local Belitung culture.

Guests of Imabari Villa will receive the highest level of luxury service that Arumdalu can offer, including VIP Pickup, butler service, and a special private leisure forest garden created especially for Imabari Villa guests. One of the highlights of the package is the “Cuisines of Imabari Restaurant” presented in a Kaiseki-experience, where traditional Japanese techniques and philosophy will be used to transform Belitung’s best local ingredients into delectable Imabari cuisine. All meals for Imabari Villa guests will be specially curated, with every ingredient sourced from the surrounding area of Arumdalu, including self-made organic salt and coconut sugar. Arumdalu Private Resort works with local artisans, farmers, and fishermen to ensure this concept is truly an experience of “Time and Place.”

The Imabari Villa concept will also be paired with the specially designed “Arumdalu Life Wellness Workshops” created to enable Arumdalu guests to discover the essence of nature and their inner wellness.

Imabari Villa will be running exclusively between September-October 2016.

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