I’ve always been a fan of big things: big hamburgers, big gestures of affection, big bangs. Even the occasional big woman. Most of the time this sentiment applies to the ocean. What greater thrill than connecting with a superpod of dolphins or witnessing a manta mating train?

However, sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that can provide the biggest surprises. Recently, whilst enjoying a cold beer (large, of course) after a day’s filming off Mabul Island, a rather intriguing story emerged. One of Scuba Junkie’s divemasters, Nas, had found a Nembrotha kubaryana with not one, but two heads.

Staff cameraman Will, and I clamoured to see the photographic evidence on a customer’s laptop. There it was: blurry, yet undeniable proof of a double-domed sea slug. Much Googling ensued: “two-headed nudbranch/nembrotha/sea slug” yielded no results of note. This was a truly a unique find, potentially a world-first. Will and I had to see it for ourselves.

To see the incredible encounter with this mutant nudi, and for more marine stories from around Borneo, check out the new online series Borneo From Below.

For the rest of this article (Scuba Diver Issue 5/2015, No.83) and other stories, check out our past issues here or download digital copy here.

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