Alex Tan and his partner founded Fishermen Scuba Studio in 1989. Their decision for a diving agency was done purely out of love and enthusiasm for the sport. Their goal was to let everyone enjoy the benefits and fun of diving.

Alex, who has eight years of experience in military as well as commercial diving, served as the only scuba diving Instructor Trainer in the company during that time.

Although diving is believed to be a dangerous hobby to adopt, Alex himself was determined to prove to everyone that accidents are usually being excessively emphasised and can be minimised if the diver is given quality training and mental uplifting throughout the entire process. Thus, fun can be enjoyed to the fullest while mishaps are practically reduced to none.

Over the years, under the leadship of Alex and his partner, the agency has received numerous recognitions from various large organizations, especially the Scuba Schools International (SSI). One of the highest awards presented to Fishermen was the 200 DIVERS/ANNUM award, which signified that Fishermen had certified more than 200 divers annually. However, the exact amount far exceeded that as the actual quantity of Open Water Divers being certified for the past 3 years alone went beyond 2000 people!

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