The co-founder of Waikiki Dive Centre, John’s love of being in the water started when he was young. As he gradually moved into the ocean, the calmness of the sea along with the view of the amazing marine life in the ocean fuled his love for the ocean. John decided to go for the dive instructor course in 1994 in Hawaii. The clear blue waters of Hawaii and the thought of being able to pass on his diving knowledge inspired him to pursue diving as a career.

From a humble dive shop, John has steadily grown Wakikiki Dive through the years in order to serve his customers better. “Moving on from a diving centre to a flull-fledged retail store, we constantly strive to bring out a wide range of quality diving gear to the divers out there,” said John.

One of his most difficult challenges occurred when he had to move his shop while he was away. However, with the full support of his partner and the dedication of his crew, the entire company pulled together to complete the move while he was away.

With 25 years of experience in the diving industry under his belt, John sees a bright future for diving.

“New divers will continue to grow, and divers will also be more aware of arising environmental issues, thus protecting our ocean more.

As a parting note, John had this piece of advice for all passionate divers out there: “Never stop believing in yourself.”

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