Another mass stranding of whales occurred in southeast Australia when 28 whales were found dead on the beach on November 28. A pilot in a private aircraft had spotted a humpback whale and 27 pilot whales stranded on the beach after having flown over the Croajingolong National Park in Victoria state on Tuesday afternoon.


Eight of the whales were found in a critical state during an initial visit by park authorities later that Tuesday but all were dead when the rangers returned a day later.


Park authorities believe that the humpback whale may have been stranded and died well before the rest of the pilot whales.


“It’s one of the great mysteries, we don’t know why this happens,” said Gail Wright of Parks Victoria in an interview with AFP. She added that samples had been taken from the remains of the whales in a bid to understand the reasons behind the stranding of the whales.


This latest whale stranding incident comes mere days after the tragic mass stranding on Stewart Island in New Zealand killed 145 pilot whales.

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