Every diver has a bucket list of dream islands. For me, the Mariana Islands in the western Pacific Ocean harbour a number of these idyllic destinations. The tropical atmosphere of the region is legendary where leisure and comfort beckon divers from afar. The welcoming local waters are crystal clear, perfectly warm, rich with life and [...]
In-water skills are important for productive interactions with often elusive marine life. Here are a few tips that may accelerate the learning curve. DIVE GEAR Mask The mask is probably the most significant piece of personal gear because it’s important to both see your subject clearly and have an unobstructed view through your camera housing’s [...]
(Photo by David Shale) 2,700 METRES Mid Atlantic Ridge | An enteropneust and was collected from the floor | A new species now known as Yoda purpurata | Never been collected and studied before (Photo by David Shale) 400–500 METRES Mid Atlantic: Fangtooth Fish (Anoplogaster cornuta) | A fairly common midwater fish found at this [...]
Founded by diving industry pioneer Bob Hollis in 1972, Oceanic is a provider of modern, reliable, accessible and easy-to-use dive equipment to recreational divers. Bon Hollis founded Oceanic to make innovative, reliable dive equipment accessible to every diver every year, everywhere. This philosophy is central to the values of Oceanic and is the main reason [...]
Brunei is more likely to conjure images of oil fields and grand mosques, but the tiny sultanate is also home to some of Southeast Asia’s most surprising dive sites. Wreck lovers and macro enthusiasts have plenty to occupy them, with numerous shipwrecks and a plethora of tiny critters to choose from. On some deep dives [...]
Diving, Australia There’s perhaps no better destination than Australia for having amazing nature to photograph both above and below water. The big, the small, the weird, and the wonderful – Down Under has it all! Australia has the largest reef system in the world, the Great Barrier Reef, but the diving does not end there. [...]