During a preliminary dive briefing, somewhere off the legendary Pacific Island of Palau, Marc Povey, Captain of the Palau Aggressor II (PAII), says: “The current will gently push you down Ulong channel, which will give you the chance to photograph giant clams at your leisure before we pick you up on the opposite side.” Okay, […]

Nudibranchs can be found virtually anywhere — from tropical coral reefs to the frigid arctic waters of the Barents Sea. They come in all sizes, from just a few millimeters to well over 30 centimeters (12 inches), and nudibranchs exhibit a variety of colors, bodyshapes, feeding habits and unusual biology seen in few other animal […]

In celebration of the Third International Year of the Reef, Our Singapore Reefs is organising a two-day event, The Fun Odyssea, to bring a fun-filled, learning experience for everyone. The community-driven event is FREE for all, and is one of the largest gathering of Singapore’s blue groups. Together, these interest groups, agencies, marine conservationists, and research groups have curated […]

<<Press Release>> In an on-going effort to support marine conservation across the scuba diving community, the Sea of Change Foundation is launching a new fund to help support the immediate response to coral reef damage from anchor drops, vessel groundings, oil spills, and other localised, anthropogenic and acute impacts to coral reefs. The Sea of [...]

It was like nothing he had ever experienced before: vibrant, bursting with life, pristine and perfect in almost every way. On a personal quest to find a sheltered place, unspoiled by the progression of civilisation, Andy Miners, a seasoned dive guide from the UK, had chosen Indonesia as his base and had explored just about […]

The mighty Rocky Mountains greet you as you wind your way north to Port Hardy, where black bears, deer and bald eagles flow by on the highway. Port Hardy is a small fishing port, but it is the gateway to some of the world’s best cold water diving. The islands around Port Hardy are flooded […]